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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12


Below is a list of all employees who teach, advise, coach, or serve on a dorm team. To view a full employee directory, click here.

Lou Berl

Titles: Associate Director of Admission, V Form Advisor, Lower Moss (IV Form Girls) Dorm Parent, Head Coach - Girls Crew

Carson Brooks

Titles: Head Coach, Indoor Track

Lindsay Brown

Titles: Crew, History

Pamela Brownlee

Titles: Associate Director of Counseling

John Burk

Titles: Mathematics, Science

Matthew Carroll

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission, Soccer, Wrestling, Lacrosse, History, Assistant Coach - Boys Squash

ChiaChyi Chiu

Titles: Chinese

Kellyann Conners

Titles: Religious Studies

Nathaniel Costa

Titles: Basketball, Classics, Organist / Choirmaster

Nathan Crimmins

Titles: Cross-Country, Swimming, Religious Studies

Katherine Crowley

Titles: Basketball, English, Lacrosse

Victor Cuicahua

Titles: History, Hillier (III Form) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Boys Soccer, Assistant Coach - Girls Soccer

Brendan Daly

Titles: Chemistry

Heather Daly

Titles: Dean of Admission & Financial Aid

Viviana Davila

Titles: Spanish, Head Coach - Field Hockey

Phil Davis

Titles: Director of Security, Head Coach - Wrestling

David DeSalvo

Titles: Baseball, Chaplain, Mathematics

Bowman Dickson

Titles: Swimming, Mathematics

Donald Duffy

Titles: Wrestling, Cross-Country, Spanish

Devin Duprey

Titles: Dean of Diversity Education, Assistant Coach - Volleyball, Mein (V Form Girls) Dorm Parent

Stacey Duprey

Titles: Co-Dean of Residential Life, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Weekend Duty Head

Matthew Edmonds

Titles: History Department Chair, IV Form Dean, Baum (IV Form Boys) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Baseball

Wilson Everhart

Titles: Cross-Country, Crew, History

Jessie Ewald

Titles: English, Mein (V Form Girls) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Field Hockey, Assistant Coach - Lacrosse, LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Advisor

Erin Ferguson

Titles: Classics, V Form Academic Advisor, Assistant Coach - Cross-Country, Assistant Coach - Girls Tennis, LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Advisor

Eric Finch

Titles: Squash, Chair, Mathematics

Giselle Furlonge

Titles: Cross-Country, Chair, Classical Languages Department

Frederick Geiersbach

Titles: Director of Instrumental Music

Terence Gilheany

Titles: Cross-Country, Crew, Chair, Religious Studies

Avram Gold

Titles: Dance

Gretchen Hagenbuch

Titles: Soccer, Volleyball, Wellness, Diversity

Seraphine Hamilton

Titles: Assistant Director of Athletics, Soccer, Basketball, English

Mark Hammond

Titles: Swimming, Chair, Science Department

Erin Hanson

Titles: English, Upper Pell (III Form Girls) Dorm Parent, LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Advisor

Matt Harris

Titles: English, Head Coach - Swimming, Waterfront Director

Anna Hastings

Titles: Lacrosse, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling, English

Chris Hayes

Titles: Sports Information Officer

Jason Honsel

Titles: Director of College Counseling, Head Coach - Girls Basketball

Kristin Honsel

Titles: Senior Associate Director of Admission, VI Form Advisor, Project Zero Coordinator

Peter Hoopes

Titles: Tennis, Director of Technology, Film Studies, Music Composition, Assistant Coach - Girls Tennis

Angelica Huang-Murphy

Titles: Chinese, Gaul East/L Dorm (V Form Girls) Dorm Parent, International Student Advisor, Admissions Interviewer

Gretchen Hurtt

Titles: English

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Titles: Director of Wellness

Jay Hutchinson

Titles: Soccer, Lacrosse, Chaplain, Religious Studies, Assistant Coach - Boys Lacrosse

Ashley Hyde

Titles: Science Department Chair, STEM Summer Research Coordinator

Shelby Jackson

Titles: Mental Health Counselor

Diahann Johnson

Titles: Chair, Modern Languages, French

Harvey Johnson

Titles: Soccer, Basketball, Mathematics, Science

Navanjali Kelsey

Titles: Visual Arts, Advisor to The Griffin (Yearbook)

Eric Kemer

Titles: Cross-Country, Mathematics, Associate Academic Dean for Math and Science

Quinn Kerrane

Titles: Director of Choral Music Program, Admissions Interviewer

Kim Klecan

Titles: Mathematics

Jason Kunen

Titles: Religious Studies, V Form Academic Advisor, Schmolze (IV Form Boys) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Boys Swimming

Will Kwon

Titles: Math, Assistant Coach - Boys Tennis, Assistant Coach - Volleyball

Kelly Lazar

Titles: Soccer, Mathematics

Michael Mastrocola

Titles: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Mathematics, Baseball, Basketball

Matthew McAuliffe

Titles: Classics, History, Cross-Country

Greg McCusker

Titles: Head Coach - Girls Volleyball

John McGiff

Titles: Art Gallery Director, Arts Department Co-Chair, Drawing, Painting, Art History

Jennifer McGowan

Titles: Soccer, Lacrosse, Mathematics

Joy McGrath

Titles: Daniel T. Roach Jr. Head of School

Peter McLean

Titles: Biology

Joshua Meier

Titles: Photography

Bertie Miller

Titles: Sustainability Coordinator, Science, Upper Moss (IV Form Girls) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Girls Crew, Assistant Coach - Girls Cross-Country, LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Advisor

David Miller

Titles: Basketball, Baseball, Spanish

Treava Milton

Titles: Volleyball, English, Co-Director of Diversity

Patrick Moffitt

Titles: Associate Director of Admission, Head Coach - Football, Assistant Coach - Indoor Track, Assistant Coach - Baseball

Stephen Mufuka

Titles: Religious Studies, IV Form Dean, Voorhees (IV Form Boys) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Boys Soccer, Assistant Coach - Boys and Girls Tennis

David Myers

Titles: Computer Science, Mathematics, Assistant Coach - Boys Crew, Weekend Duty Head, Evening Study Hall Proctor

David Myers

Titles: Soccer, Crew, Computer Science, Associate Director of Technology

Lisa Myers

Titles: Director of Library

Terrell Myers

Titles: Basketball, Assistant Dean of Students

Dan O'Connell

Titles: Cross-Country, Biology

Sara O'Connor

Titles: Biology

Deriba Olana

Titles: Mathematics

Carol Ann Pala

Titles: Director of Library, Information Specialist

Pam Pears

Titles: French

Sam Permutt

Titles: Basketball, Mathematics, Basketball

Martha Pitts

Titles: English, Assistant Coach - Indoor Track

Jordan Poarch

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission, Sherwood (V Form Boys) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Boys Soccer, Assistant Coach - Girls Basketball, Assistant Coach - Girls Soccer

William Porter

Titles: English, Head Coach - Boys Crew

William Porter

Titles: Cross-Country, Crew, English

Emily Pressman

Titles: Chair, History Department, Theater

Elizabeth Preysner

Titles: Associate Chaplain, Religious Studies, Spanish, Assistant Coach - Girls Lacrosse

Ana Ramirez

Titles: Spanish, Assistant Headmaster for Student Life

Neelima Reddy

Titles: Crew, English

Will Rehrig

Titles: Co-Dean of Residential Life, Science, Assistant Coach - Boys Cross-Country, Advisor to the Honor Committee, Advisor to Model UN

Daniel Roach

Titles: English, Headmaster

Elizabeth Roach

Titles: Tennis, Chair, English Department, Head Coach - Girls Tennis

Will Robinson

Titles: Dean of Student Life, Dean of Sustainability, History, VI Form Advisor, Assistant Coach - Boys Soccer, Weekend Duty Head

Will Robinson

Titles: Communications, History, Dean of Students

Lindsay Roznowski

Titles: Counseling and Wellness

Richard Samulski

Titles: Soccer, Swimming, Physics

Chris Sanchez

Titles: Science, Mathematics, III Form Dean, Fleming (III Form Boys) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Girls Cross-Country, Assistant Coach - Swimming

Max Shrem

Titles: French, IV Form Dean, LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Advisor, Jewish Affinity Group Advisor

Julia Smith

Titles: Cross-Country, Crew, Spanish

William Speers

Titles: Soccer, Squash, English

Ann Taylor

Titles: Arts Department Co-Chair, Director of Theatre Program, Evening Study Hall Proctor

William Torrey

Titles: English, Writer-in-Residence, Gaul West/K Dorm (V Form Girls) Dorm Parent, Advisor to The Cardinal (School Newspaper), Advisor to The Andrean (School Literary Journal)
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