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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Religious Studies & Philosophy


In keeping with school founder Felix duPont's vision and purpose, St. Andrew's has included religious studies in its academic curriculum since its earliest years. Our core curriculum requirements in religious studies—History of Religious Thought, taken in the IV Form year, and a Philosophy or Religious Studies elective taken in either the V or VI Form year—provides an understanding of the major religious and philosophical traditions that have shaped world cultures. Through course discussions and essays, our goal is to familiarize students with the many varied ideas and theologies they will encounter in college, and throughout their lives, while also encouraging students to formulate their own faith practices and make conscious decisions about their value systems.

Sophomores taking History of Religious Thought are asked to rigorously examine the claims of great religious thinkers—from Aquinas to Marx, Avicenna to Vivekananda, Maimonides to Thomas Paine, St. Theresa of Avila to contemporary theologians and philosophers. In dialogue with these writings and with the sacred texts of the major world religions, students consider differing answers to central religious questions.

Fifth and Sixth Form students then take an elective that explores world religions and philosophies using a particular critical or topical lens; a full list of electives is available below.

Religious Studies & Philosophy Courses

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Religious Studies & Philosophy Faculty

Connor Doughty

Titles: Teaching Fellow in Religion & Philosophy, Assistant Coach - Boys Varsity Soccer, Assistant Coach - Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Terence Gilheany

Titles: Religion & Philosophy Department Chair, History, Weekend Duty Head, Assistant Coach - Boys Crew, Faculty Secretary

Stephen Mufuka

Titles: Religious Studies & Philosophy, Head Coach - Boys JV Soccer, Head Coach - Boys Varsity Tennis

Elizabeth Preysner

Titles: Associate Chaplain, Religious Studies, Spanish, Assistant Coach - Indoor Track