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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12


Through discussion, collaborative work, and independent study, the St. Andrew's Mathematics Department aims to teach students to read, write and speak about mathematics with clarity and precision. Students learn to use and interpret mathematics graphically, numerically and algebraically in the context of skill development, practical problem-solving and formal proofs. Various technologies, including SMART Board, TI-SmartView software, The Geometer’s Sketchpad and other programs help students develop multiple perspectives by introducing them to mathematical modeling and research. In addition to traditional forms of assessment, math faculty uses assignments such as papers, journals, individual and group projects, oral presentations and defenses, and peer evaluations to expose students to a wide variety of mathematical research and discourse. The ultimate goal of the mathematics faculty is to help students recognize and appreciate the utility of mathematics as well as its intrinsic beauty.
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Math Courses

Yearlong Courses

Semester-long Electives

Math Faculty

Eric Finch

Titles: Squash, Chair, Mathematics

Harvey Johnson

Titles: Soccer, Basketball, Mathematics, Science

Eric Kemer

Titles: Cross-Country, Mathematics, Associate Academic Dean for Math and Science

Kim Klecan

Titles: Mathematics

Will Kwon

Titles: Math, Assistant Coach - Boys Tennis, Assistant Coach - Volleyball

Kelly Lazar

Titles: Soccer, Mathematics

Jennifer McGowan

Titles: Soccer, Lacrosse, Mathematics

Deriba Olana

Titles: Mathematics

Chris Sanchez

Titles: Science, Mathematics, III Form Dean, Fleming (III Form Boys) Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Girls Cross-Country, Assistant Coach - Swimming

Jonathan Tower

Titles: Basketball, Lacrosse, Mathematics