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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12


The History Department introduces students to the serious study of the world's civilizations, and cultivates a perspective through which students begin to see themselves as individuals with opportunities and responsibilities in a modern, post-industrial world. With a focus on primary documents, our aim is for students to gain a particular knowledge of their own immediate culture through the study of United States history, as well as to initiate a study of the human condition in the broadest sense of the term.

By learning to evaluate and use evidence to make qualified generalizations, our students develop analytical skills that will serve them in college and beyond. All history courses require short, carefully structured papers that demand close analysis of primary sources, and longer term papers that require extensive research on a particular topic or issue.

Ultimately, we are committed to the notion that the study of history is an integral component in the general humanizing process of a liberal education. We encourage our students, as they study specific periods, cultures, and historical themes, to develop the intellectual skepticism and analytical rigor to identify demagoguery, hagiography, and the parochialisms of ethnicity and gender.

History Courses

Yearlong Courses

Semester-long Electives

History Faculty

Matthew Carroll

Titles: Dean of Students, History, Head Coach - Boys Soccer, Head Coach - Girls Soccer

Victor Cuicahua

Titles: History, Hillier (III Form) Dorm Parent, 3rd Team Coach Boys Soccer, Assistant Coach JV Girls Soccer

Matthew Edmonds

Titles: History Department Chair, IV Form Dean, Moss Dorm Parent, Assistant Coach - Baseball

Wilson Everhart

Titles: History, Head Coach - Girls Crew, Pell Dorm Parent

Terence Gilheany

Titles: Religious Studies Department Chair, History, Weekend Duty Head, Assistant Coach - Boys Crew, Faculty Secretary

Emily Pressman

Titles: Dean of Faculty Professional Development, History

Melinda Tower

Titles: Dean of Studies, History

Kyra Wilson

Titles: History Fellow, Assistant Coach - Swimming, Assistant Coach - Volleyball