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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

College Visit Tips

General Advice

In addition to attending information sessions and tours, try to build in time to wander the campus on your own. Take notice of how students behave in between classes. Are they all on their phones? Do they seem happy? Friendly? Wander into the student center. What’s the atmosphere like? (Keep in mind that campus life may be much more subdued in the morning hours.) Don’t hesitate to stop a random student and ask a question. 

Document your visit. If you are visiting more than three schools, they can begin to blend together. Take notes after each college visit. Use our College Visit Evaluation Form to record your impressions. Try to be specific about what you liked and did not like about the college. Try to not to judge an entire college based on your interaction with one tour guide.

If you are doing an interview during your visit, be sure to review our College Interview Tipsheet before your interview. If your interview is on campus (rather than via Zoom or phone), arrive early. Try to tour the campus before your interview.

If you are interested in meeting with a coach or a professor from a specific department, make sure you reach out well before your visit to schedule a meeting. 

Questions Students May Want to Ask Admissions Officers

Beyond academics (grades, curriculum, SAT/ACT scores) what impresses you most in an applicant?

Is demonstrated interest a factor in your admissions decisions?

How is academic advising handled at this school?

What are recent hot topics on campus? (The #metoo movement? Gun control? Restrictions on fraternities?)

What do students complain about here? 

How much of a role does the surrounding community play in students' daily lives?

Questions Students May Want to Ask Tour Guides (or Other Students)

What other colleges did you consider? Why did you choose to attend this college?

What was the biggest surprise about this school (both good and bad)?

What would you change about this school?

How do you spend time with faculty outside the classroom, if at all? 

How diverse do you think this community is? Is it inclusive? 

How did you spend this past weekend?