Steph Tanoh ’20 on "Amos Hall 2.0"
Liz Torrey


School Co-President Steph Tanoh ’20 made these remarks at the celebration dinner for the re-opening of the newly renovated Amos Hall, St. Andrew's STEM building, on October 11, 2019.

I can vividly remember freshman year Biology with Dr. McLean. I've never been more confused yet excited than the first time I stepped into his classroom as a shy freshman and had my ears welcomed by whale sounds, and my eyes greeted by dead animals, ranging from birds to a moose's head. Early mornings I would laugh at Josie [Friedli ’20] as she looked for birds behind Pell Dorm, but then I would suddenly realize I had to get out of bed and fill out my bird study as well. Old Amos is filled with great memories, ones where friendships were formed, and learning boundaries were exceeded. The creation of new Amos, though, makes these memories even more special and cherishable. We are bonded with the memory of the past, yet have the opportunity to create new memories as well—ones filled with the same spirit and love of learning. From the student body and especially the Class of 2020, we cannot thank you all enough for the opportunity to find new and engaging ways to learn, and for giving us a new space to be our best selves. Thank you! 

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