Student Leadership

St. Andrew's provides remarkable leadership opportunities for students in every aspect of School life. We confer an enormous amount of responsibility on our students; there are more than 200 leadership roles—in academics, athletics, the arts, community service, and on dormitories—to which students can be elected or selected to lead the doing of good works. Opportunities for committee roles and elected positions are available to students in all forms, with a goal of giving equity and voice to all members of our student body. All students, even those not serving in an elected or official leadership role, participate in leadership and equity training and workshops through their four years at St. Andrew's.

In School leadership roles, students are responsible for everything from organizing meetings to coordinating campus-wide events; from holding fundraisers to managing budgets; from public speaking to making group decisions with a team or a committee. Above all, our student leaders collaborate with peers, faculty, School administration, and the Board of Trustees to create a School culture and ethos that is at once dynamic and responsible, positive and innovative.

In shouldering such responsibilities, our students learn principles of good leadership through practical experience. Students acquire habits of honesty, discipline, and generosity; develop organizational and creative problem-solving skills; and gain the ability to face challenges with grace and integrity. Each year, we graduate young men and women who are both inspired and prepared to serve as leaders in their colleges and their adult communities.

The list of positions displayed here outlines those student leadership roles that oversee campus life and culture. It does not include leadership roles available through our Chapel program, on our athletic teams, or in individual student clubs and activities.

Student Leadership Positions

Honor & Discipline

Honor Committee

Discipline Committee

Student Government

School Co-Presidents

V Form Council

IV Form Council

III Form Council

residential life

Residential Leaders

Peer Counselors

Food Committee

Decorum Committee

Student Life

Student Weekend Activities Group (SWAG) Leadership Council

Community Service Leaders

Environmental Stewards

Diversity Stewards

Admission Ambassadors