An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

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The School will conduct monthly fire drills to prepare the School for an emergency. Everyone must respond quickly and appropriately to any fire alarm at any time.

Fire Alarms
When the fire alarm in the building you are in sounds, you should immediately evacuate the building.*

Students: Proceed immediately to the designated assembly area:

  • Boys: across road on green in front of Founders
  • Girls: in front of Boathouse by Washburn Cove

Faculty: Assess the situation: If there is evidence of a fire, call 9-1-1 immediately; and do everything safely possible to assure all students and other occupants are evacuated from the building. If possible, also contact Security at 285-4911.

The Co-Deans of Residential Life or other appropriate faculty member present becomes the designated Person-In-Charge (PIC).

Corridor Parents: Security will hold detailed meetings with your corridor at the beginning of the year and again mid-year, but it is still your responsibility to be aware of all emergency procedures and to make sure that all students on your corridor are familiar with them.

*More detailed instructions are included in the School’s Emergency Procedures Guide.

Know What to Do in Advance
Having planned ahead is always helpful when a crisis arises; it permits quick reaction and limits the need for desperate thinking. Here are some things everyone ought to think about in advance and for which corridor parents in particular ought to prepare:

  • Know how to operate the fire extinguishers.
  • Know the nearest exits from living quarters and classrooms.
  • Know the alternate exits available from living quarters and classrooms.
  • Know how to open windows and screens.
  • Know where fire ladders are located and how to use them (where applicable).
  • Know how to deal with smoke, i.e., get down low and crawl; breathe through a damp cloth.
  • Corridor parents should thoroughly review exit and escape procedures with their students.
  • Be alert for fire hazards and report them immediately.

Because of fire safety concerns, the School must prohibit the use of an open flame in any School building at any time. Violations will result in a Discipline Committee meeting and probable dismissal from School.

It is illegal to light a fire on campus or in the woods. Violations will result in a meeting of the Discipline Committee and possible dismissal.

The possession or use of fireworks, firearms, air guns, paint guns, slingshots, explosives, or knives larger than a pocket knife is prohibited. Violations will result in a Discipline Committee meeting and probable expulsion.

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