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The School will cash students’ checks for modest amounts in order to provide spending or travel money. We strongly recommend that you not keep large amounts of cash in your possession. Keep all your money in your locked drawer in your dorm room.

Checks will be cashed at the School Bank Monday through Friday during School Store hours. You should learn and practice good banking habits; it will save you considerable aggravation and financial penalties.

Some good practices to follow are:

  • Always enter details of checks written on the check stub, and keep a running total of your bank balance.
  • When you receive the monthly bank statement, reconcile it with your checkbook. This helps catch errors and assures that you are working with proper balances.
  • Do not write checks for amounts beyond your balance. “Bouncing” checks will cost you a stiff penalty (often $30.00 or more) charged by your bank, and perhaps additional financial penalties charged by other parties. Also, it may lead to loss of credit privileges and future check-cashing rights.

Anyone needing advice or assistance with a checking account should speak with his or her advisor or someone in the Business Office.

SAS Debit Card
The SAS Debit Card is used as a picture ID card and to record most purchases and charges throughout the School year including, but not limited to, School supplies, postage, UPS, FedEx, some elective field trips and special activities, unreturned team uniforms or sports equipment, unreturned library materials and lost Debit Card fees ($25.00).

A $250 deposit is required at the beginning of the year and will be included in the first tuition bill. This will activate the account and assist you in paying for miscellaneous charges early in the school year. These deposits and any others on the Debit Card are drawn as items or services are used; therefore, deposits need to be made to the Debit Card throughout the year. Your parents are asked to maintain a positive balance throughout the year. You may not be able to participate in a given activity if your card does not have enough funds to cover the cost. Statements reflecting activity on your account will be issued each month during the school year.

The School cannot advance funds to you except in extreme emergencies or upon special authorization.

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