An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

  • Residential & Student Life
  • Breakfasts are cafeteria meals. All students, with the exception of VI Formers (all year) and of V Formers (in the second half of the Spring Term), must sign in as they enter the Dining Hall.
  • Lunches (except on Wednesdays, Saturdays and selected Sundays) are family-style meals. Attendance is required.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and most Sunday suppers are cafeteria meals. Attendance is not taken.

Family-Style Meals
We need to remember that table manners are not stuffy rules. They are the means by which we show guests that they are welcome and show respect for those who are our seniors. They also help us curtail greedy instincts, encourage sharing and fairness, and create an orderly, pleasant atmosphere for all involved.

General expectations prior to the start of a family-style meal:

  • When students enter the dining room, they should be in appropriate classroom dress. During Wednesday night dinner, jackets should be on and remain on until grace is said. If the adult in charge agrees, jackets may be removed following grace.
  • No one should sit at or on tables or touch tableware or food before grace.
  • Faculty should take attendance, reporting those who are missing to the Dean, and should not give permission to students to sit at other tables.
  • All students should help guests be seated comfortably at a table before seating themselves.

Expectations during and after the meal:

  • Students should offer food to guests first, then to faculty. In general, no one should begin eating until everybody has had a chance to help themselves from each dish being passed.
  • Make an effort to engage guests and each other in conversation.
  • The person who takes the last portion of anything should go to the kitchen for a refill.
  • Waiters and assistants should remove plates from the right side of the seated person.
  • Students should not be permitted to deliver messages or roam around the dining room during the meal. (Exceptions to this rule should be few and only with the permission of the faculty members at the tables involved.)
  • Students seated in chairs at the end of the tables should not tilt back on them.
  • When the faculty member is absent, a VI Former assigned to his/her table should sit at the place where that faculty member normally sits, serve the meal and should expect the same standard of manners as the teacher. Teachers at neighboring tables should make sure that seniors fulfill this responsibility.
  • Tables should be cleared in an orderly manner, and waiters should thoroughly wipe tables, serving tables, benches, and chairs after the meal.
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