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The weekend begins following a student’s final academic, athletic, or extra-curricular commitment on Saturday. At that time, a student may sign out for the weekend and remain away from campus until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. With three Long Weekends and three long School breaks each year, we believe students are provided ample time to rest, relax, spend time with friends and family away from campus, and we do not sanction missing additional days of School. We do, however, understand that weddings, family reunions, baptisms, etc., often occur on Saturdays and at times incompatible with the St. Andrew’s schedule; if a student must miss School for these kinds of extraordinary family commitments, please email or call Dean of Students Matt Carroll to discuss well in advance of the event.

Members of the III, IV, and V Forms are entitled to four weekend leaves per semester. Members of the VI Form are entitled to weekends as necessary. No student may sign out for a weekend if he/she is assigned to detention.

Long Weekends
Each year, the School has three long weekends that begin after a student’s last commitment on either Friday or Saturday and ends at 6:00 p.m. on either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening. We encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to leave campus and rest with friends and family and to consider hosting students who may be unable to go home. Please consult the academic calendar for the exact date and times of long weekends; there are no early departures, late returns, or leaving and returning within the weekend.

Campus Weekends
Occasionally, students who live a distance from home and cannot take many weekends away from campus may take a weekend leave at the home of a faculty member. Those students who take such weekends must understand that any time they rejoin School activities, they fall under the jurisdiction of major School rules.

Closed Weekends
Among others, the first weekend of the school year and Commencement Weekend are closed weekends. Students must have specific permission in advance to be absent on those weekends.
Closed Weekends for 2019-2020 School Year
September 7-8
September 14-15
December 14-15
February 8-9
April 25-26
May 23-24  

NOTE: Students on weekends must understand that if they either return to School or meet with other St. Andrew’s students not on weekend leaves, they must obey the rules and regulations of the School. For example, a student on a weekend violates the alcohol rule if he/she meets with students not on a weekend and drinks alcohol with them, on or off campus. The School will not knowingly give permission for large numbers of our students bound for the same destination to take a weekend unless we have assurances from the parents of such students that responsible adult chaperones will be present.

St. Andrew's rules go into effect immediately upon a student's return to campus following a weekend or vacation, and students are expected to be free from the influence of any intoxicant or drug the moment they arrive on campus.

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