An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

  • Leaving & Returning to Campus

All transportation from campus to airports and train/bus stations is arranged through Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright.

Students are required to enter their leave request through REACH, the School’s web-based check-in/check-out system. A minimum of 5 days prior to travel, will better ensure that SAS transportation arrangements can be made.  Students will need their complete itinerary (flight/train numbers and departure time from Delaware/arrival time to Delaware) when submitting their request.  Itinerary should be entered into the ‘notes’ section of REACH. (Students should note if they are traveling with a carry-on bag only, as that would reduce student and driver wait times at the airport.) REACH requests are processed Monday through Friday, during business hours (8 a.m—4 p.m.) only. All requests submitted after classes or during study hall will not be received until the following morning. 

If urgent transportation needs arise on weekends or after hours, you will need to contact Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright directly on her cell phone at 904-728-8057.
If students have any changes to their itinerary, questions, concerns or delays during their travel, they should contact Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright directly at or 302-285-4273 or 904-728-8057.

When leaving and returning to campus, students must check out properly using the REACH system. Any student that fails to check out before departing campus, or fails to check in soon after arriving on campus, will be subjected to Saturday night detention.


  • Students should travel with a small amount of cash ($20) or a debit card to ensure they are able to purchase food if necessary.  
  • All cell phones should be charged the night prior to travel.  
  • Drivers will use student’s cell phone number at pickup. Please ensure we are aware of any change to your phone number, or if you are unable to travel with a phone.  
  • Pick up any medication from the Health Center prior to travel. 
  • Bring your School ID and/or license and/or passport with you!

Parents and students should also review requirements for unaccompanied minors traveling by plane or train

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  • reach system
  • transportation policies