An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

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In an open community such as ours, we cannot tolerate stealing. For the most part we operate without locks. However, each student has a locked drawer available in his/her room. We encourage each student to use this locked drawer to store valuables. Libraries, classrooms, and computer labs are often available without specific faculty supervision, and our student rooms are always open. To maintain such an open community, we prohibit stealing and react firmly to any incidents of theft. Students who steal from other students or from the School risk expulsion on a first offense, whether the theft involves money, clothing, food, library books, bicycles, scooters/skateboards, or any other item. Borrowing something from another member of the community or the School without permission—even with the intention to return it—likewise constitutes a violation of the Honor Code, as it violates the relationships of trust at the heart of our community. We will search a student’s room and locker when sufficient evidence justifies suspecting that student of theft. When we discover a violation of our stealing policy, the penalty is almost always a major suspension or more likely expulsion from St. Andrew’s. In rare cases, we may conduct a school-wide room search as part of an investigation of stealing. Students who are caught for stealing or for shoplifting off campus, whether or not they are under the jurisdiction of the School at the time of the act, are subject to disciplinary procedures, including major suspension or expulsion.

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