An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

  • Honor

Students who appear before the Honor or Discipline Committee, or students whose violations are handled by the Head of School, are subject to penalties that include:

  • Head of School Reprimand – The student meets with the Head of School to review the violation.
  • School Separation – The student leaves the School for 1-6 days.
  • School Suspension – The student leaves the School for 7-13 days.
  • Major Suspension – The student leaves the School for 14 days or more.
  • Dismissal.

Students who live too far from campus for a separation to be feasible may serve a separation with extended family or family friends. If such an arrangement is not possible, then the student will receive a separation of record and face an alternative consequence at the discretion of the Dean of Students and Associate Head of School. A second separation will likely result in a suspension. All students serve suspensions off campus.

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