An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

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Academic honesty must be the foundation of any school or college. The goal of our academic program is to help students discover the joy of learning. Teachers develop assessments (quizzes, tests, papers, labs) to evaluate the depth of student comprehension and understanding. Cheating disrupts the essential trust that must exist among students and between students and teachers. Cheating distorts the portrait of student learning that is essential to the teacher’s appraisal of the student.

Cheating in any form at St. Andrew’s is an honor offense which will lead to a student’s appearance before the Honor Committee. Penalties for students who cheat are usually either a major suspension or expulsion.

We expect students to do their own work on homework assignments, quizzes, lab reports, tests, exams, and papers—indeed on every form of assessment a teacher uses. We also expect and require students to acknowledge the ideas, words, and insights of others when they write papers, give reports or develop hypotheses. Students may not hand in essays, papers or other academic work that has already been submitted for credit in another class. Students will be given specific instructions by each teacher on policies regarding collaboration and plagiarism. Students should consult their teachers about whether working with or receiving feedback from others—be they on campus or off—is acceptable for a given assignment. It is essential that students follow these expectations carefully. The School specifically prohibits the use of SparkNotes or any similar study aids (Shmoop, LitCharts, etc.), whether on paper or online. We prohibit copying of material from the internet without proper documentation.

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