An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

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St. Andrew’s seeks to be a community that encourages students to make appropriate and intelligent choices regarding their health and to develop an approach to wellness that will enable them to flourish throughout their lives.

Each student has a faculty advisor who serves as a mentor in all aspects of his/her advisees’ life at the School. Advisors stay in close touch with their advisees, helping them find a good balance within the exciting opportunities at St. Andrew’s.

Beyond the mentoring offered by the faculty advisor, Pam Brownlee, Dean of Counseling, and Lindsay Roznowski serve as counselors with professional training and expertise. In addition to the counseling staff, there are psychologists accessible to meet with students with more serious issues.

Health Services
The Health Center provides 24-hour care for the student body of the School. The Health Center, school counselors, and Athletic Trainer maintain personal health information for all current students. Consistent with the operation of  a residential community, this information is shared on a need-to-know basis among certain faculty and staff at St. Andrew’s and with outside service providers. The School makes every effort to maintain the privacy of the personal health information of its students.

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