An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

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Graduation Requirements
The School requires the following yearlong course credits for graduation:

  • four credits in English
  • four credits in mathematics
  • three credits in a laboratory science
  • two credits in history, including one in United States history
  • two credits or through the third level, whichever is more advanced, of the same classical or modern language (at least three consecutive year credits is strongly recommended).
  • one and a half credits in Religious Studies, including History of Religious Thought in the IV Form year

Students must also take a half-credit course in Health and Wellness in the IV Form year, and must participate in a curricular or co-curricular aspect of the arts program before graduation.

For more detailed information on diploma requirements, visit our Graduation Requirements page.

A student in the VI Form may not fail more than one full-credit course in the VI Form year, regardless of the number of credits amassed, in order to qualify for and receive a St. Andrew’s School diploma.

Requirements for Arts Program Participation

  • Successful completion of any of the full- or half-credit courses in the arts (III Formers are required to take a half-credit arts elective)
  • Participation in the Noxontones or an instrumental group for a full academic year
  • Participation in the theatre program for at least two terms (not necessarily consecutively)

Students entering in the V Form may fulfill this requirement by documenting comparable experience in a previous school.

Minimum Course Loads by Form
The minimum course load for the various Forms within the School is as follows: 

  • III Form: five yearlong, full-credit courses + one semester-long, half-credit arts elective
  • IV Form: five yearlong, full-credit courses (including History of Religious Thought) + Health & Wellness (half-credit)
  • V Form: five yearlong, full-credit courses or four yearlong, full-credit courses and two semester-long, half-credit courses
  • VI Form: five yearlong, full-credit courses, or four yearlong, full-credit courses and two semester-long, half-credit courses, or three yearlong, full-credit courses and four semester-long, half-credit courses

Petitions for exceptions to the above requirements may be made to the Academic Committee.

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