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Within 48 hours of a student’s medical leave, a meeting or conference call, consisting of the student’s parent(s), the Head of School or Associate Head of School, Dean of Wellness, Dean of Counseling, Academic Dean and/or Academic Advisor, the student’s advisor, and the Director of College Counseling, when appropriate, will be convened to coordinate the terms of the student’s leave. After this meeting, a letter will be sent to parents outlining the nature and terms of the student’s leave. 

During medical leaves, students may receive school work upon the approval of the Dean of Wellness or Dean of Counseling and the student’s attending clinician or physician. This work will consist of the critical work required to keep up-to-date with the course curriculum and may be graduated over the duration of the leave. This work will be coordinated by the student’s Academic Advisor with the student’s teachers. 

After a medical leave of four weeks, i.e. half of one quarter, the same group will convene again to assess the progress of the leave. 

If a medical leave lasts for over a quarter of the year’s academic calendar, the School may ask a student to complete his/her year at another school.  Each medical leave case is unique, but the inability to attend classes and school for such a length of time does jeopardize a student’s ability to return to St. Andrew’s in that given year.

If the School, a therapist, or parents determine a student requires a second medical leave from St. Andrew’s, the Head of School, the Dean of Wellness, and the Dean of Counseling will review the student’s status carefully.  If a second leave is an indication of a student’s ongoing inability to meet the demands of boarding school life, the School may require the student to withdraw. 

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