An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

The 14 Weirdest Traditions at SAS (That Everyone Loves)
The 14 Weirdest Traditions at SAS (That Everyone Loves)
Eden Rickolt ’16

14) Spring Fling. There's no better way to kick off spring than having the Head of School decide it's time for a Free Day! Spring Fling is delightfully weird: instead of having classes, the entire School flocks to the Front Lawn and enjoys a day outside full of swimming, canoeing, Frisbee, ice cream and more!

13) The Birthday Scream. What's the sound? Wait—is someone screaming? Oh, it's just someone cutting their birthday cake. If you're a lucky enough to have your birthday fall during the school year, then you can partake in this fun tradition. All you have to do is SCREAM as soon as you cut through your cake, and immediately, everyone will join in and scream with you. Then what? Eat the cake, of course!

12) Prom Weekend. Prom Weekend (one of the most fun weekends at SAS) is a little different at St. Andrew's—in the best way possible! It starts with the asks. For winter semiformal the girls ask the boys, but for spring Prom Weekend, it's the boys turn to ask the girls. And the most special part is that everyone gets asked and goes to prom (no tickets needed)! The weekend starts on Friday, when the VI Form hosts a party on the Front Lawn—this year the Class of 2018 hosted a casino night, and parties in the past have featured bands and food trucks. Then, on Saturday evening, the boys are in charge of cooking dinner for their dates at faculty homes throughout campus—students organize into "dinner groups" and the boys are responsible for securing a location, grocery shopping, and all of the cooking and cleanup. After dinner, everyone heads to the big white tent on the Front Lawn to dance the night away with their friends (Don't miss the photo booth or the chocolate fountain!) And if you're a senior, the night doesn't end there. At 1:00 a.m., you will be heading over to Mr. and Mrs. Roach's house for a yummy breakfast spread.

11) Blessing of the Animals Chapel (seen here). From dogs to cats to fish to a pony, St. Andrew's embraces the Blessing of the Animals service like no other. A favorite Chapel to many, the entire school comes out to the Front Lawn to enjoy a service for the pets!

10) Senior Retrospective. It's not weird to celebrate the seniors before they graduate. So how come a night dedicated to fondly looking back on the VI Form's past four years makes this list? With seniors handing down items that range from argyle pants to a Jackie Chan poster and titles such as "Polar Bear Mama" and "Best Hugger," plus wacky songs, dances, and videos, Senior Retro is an entire night dedicated to loving weirdness.

9) Tuesday Pizza Announcements. Time to talk about the top Tuesday tradition! On Tuesday nights V Form boys dorms order pizza for other students to enjoy. What better way to spread the word about Pizza Night than having the Residential Leaders from V Form dorm twist their tongues trying in a weekly lunch announcement featuring exclusively words that begin with T?

8) Mud Run. Although not put on by St. Andrew's, the School's enthusiastic participation in this event is plenty enough to get the event on this list. Each year, St. Andrew's students, faculty, and staff form groups of four, dress to theme, and come ready to take on "Delaware's Dirtiest 5K.". Chock full of obstacles and, you guessed it, mud, the 5K is no match for the excitement and determination of a hoard of St. Andreans.

7) Tad Off-Tones Performances. This tradition doesn't have a set date, but you'll know it's happening when a group of unruly teenagers hop up on the Engelhard stage, ready to woo the crowd with energized a capella and somewhat coordinated body sways. The catch: they're terrible singers! Whereas the Noxontones is St. Andrew's amazing a capella singing group, the Tad Off-Tones (note the word play on our Head of School's first name) is for all those people who love to sing, but can't. Luckily the performances are brief—keeping them funny and surprisingly enjoyable.

6) Assigned Homecoming Dates. Assigned dates to dances is unheard of at other high schools. But St. Andrew's isn't like other schools, and while our Homecoming weekend is a little weird by most standards, it is definitely worth it! Instead of letting the masses fend for themselves, the senior class pairs off the entire student body in dates, and upperclassmen ask their dates in a creative way. Then the entire School eats dinner together and dances their hearts out. The best part: you get to make a new friend!

5) Monthly Polar Bear Club Pond Jumps. Do you wake up early every last Friday of the month and think "I wish I could jump into a freezing body of water before class!"? If so, this might be the tradition for you!

4) Senior Haunted House. This often overlooked tradition snags the number four spot on this list for good reason! Each year, around Halloween, the VI Form takes over a campus building and works together to put on a terrifying haunted house for the entire School to experience—if they're brave enough!

3) Square Dance. How can a boarding school make an entire student body feel like a big, happy family before the end of the first night of the school year? Have a Square Dance, obviously! With plaid, overalls, cowboy hats, bundles of hay, and an authentic string band and caller, the Square Dance melts away any hesitations new students might have about becoming a Saint, and replaces them with joy and laughter.

2) Frosty Run. A fan favorite, the frosty run started in 1990 as a literal run to the local Wendy's. Fast forward multiple decades, and on the first Saturday of the school year, you will see students wearing themed Frosty Run t-shirt, loading onto cheese buses, and cheering with excitement as they ride their way towards Wendy's to feast on Frostys.

1) Carol Shout. There's nothing inherently weird about carols... unless you shout them. Imagine squeezing the entire student body into a tiny corner of the Dining Hall that's been blocked off by table and benches. Now dress every student in some sort of festive and wacky holiday costume. Finally, mix in a senior class that leads the whole school in shouting carols at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS. Oh, and to top it off, our Head of School, Mr. Roach, is sure to make his yearly debut! The Carol Shout wins the gold for St. Andrew's traditions that absolutely everyone loves!