An Episcopal, co-educational boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Winter Athletics Awards and Recognitions
Jacob Myers

Boys Basketball
1st Team All-Conference - Lamar Duncan ’20
2nd Team All-Conference - Adrian Watts ’20 and Brandon Graves ’22
Honorable Mention All-Conference - Frankie Koblish ’22

Honorable Mention All-State - Lamar Duncan

MVP - Brandon Graves 
Coaches Award - Adrian Watts 
Most Improved - Jack Lauer ’20 and Tim Odutola ’20
6th Man Award - Jake Kelly ’22

Girls Basketball
Honorable Mention All-Conference - Griffin Pitt ’21

Team MVP - Griffin Pitt
Coaches Award - Emily Paton ’20

Boys Squash 
Speers Award - Spencer McKenzie ’20

Girls Squash 
2nd Team All-MASA - Bridget Schutt ’23

Speers Award - Nicole Saridakis ’20

Boys Swimming 
1st Team All-Conference - Andrew Park ’21
2nd Team All-Conference - Danny Huang ’22 and Austin Chuang ’23
Honorable Mention All-Conference - Will Fry ’21

MVP - Andrew Park ’20
Most Improved - Dustin Fang ’20

Girls Swimming 
1st Team All-Conference - Elizabeth Rainey ’22 & Emma Hopkins ’23
2nd Team All-Conference - Madison Macalintal ’22

1st Team All-State - Elizabeth Rainey 

MVP - Elizabeth Rainey
Most Improved - Katerina Kourpas ’20

Indoor Track and Field 
MVP - Lily Howard ’20 and Phones Hunt ’22
Most Improved -Crawford Seeley ’22 and Sherry Qin ’22
Coaches Awards - Charlotte Gehrs ’20 and Blake Hundley ’20

MVP - Tyler Wood ’21
Most Improved - Matt Mitchell ’21
Coaches Award - Theo Taylor ’21

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Saints Spotlight: Alex Horgan ’18
Liz Torrey

Alex Horgan ’18 is currently a sophomore at Boston College, where he majors in environmental studies and is a member of the men’s cross-country team. Before he became an Eagle, Alex was one of the greatest runners to ever don the red and black at SAS; he earned First Team All-State honors during his senior season and owns the third and fourth fastest race times in school history. Alex was kind enough to talk to us about his time as a multi-sport athlete at St. Andrew’s School.

What originally attracted you to SAS as a student-athlete?
I was attracted to SAS by the residential experience of not just training, but living with your teammates. The bond that team proximity instills was unmatched outside of St. Andrew’s. 

How did your time as a multi-sport athlete at SAS prepare you for the challenges that you faced as a collegiate athlete?
Being a multi-sport athlete while at SAS allowed me to better understand myself as a competitor. I knew myself as a runner, but the opportunity to be a coxswain for the crew team allowed me to experience a different form of competition. I brought my endurance athletics experience with me into the coxswain seat and in turn, brought back the strategy and gritty nature of rowing to my running.

Running and rowing each allowed me to take breaks from the other. I never felt burnt out in a sport while at St. Andrew’s because I focused on each sport in its respective season. I did not appreciate this until I got to college where I now race all three seasons and train year round. Training year round has allowed me to greatly improve my running, and having my St. Andrew’s experience allows me to understand when and how best to take breaks from running in order to maintain my competitive drive and passion for the sport.

Most memorable athletic experience while at SAS:
Competing as a coxswain in the varsity eight final at the Stotesbury Regatta my senior year.

Advice for current SAS student-athletes:
Fully commit yourself to the sport and season you are in. St. Andrew’s provides a unique opportunity to focus on multiple sports, so go all in because you never know what passion you may discover by trying something new.

What do you enjoy most about cross-country?
I enjoy the camaraderie with my teammates. Both at St. Andrew’s and at Boston College, my favorite moments are those spent together. Whether it's running, grabbing lunch, or hanging out, the camaraderie between us extends far beyond the scheduled practice.

In 5 years I hope to be:
Serving as a pilot in the United States Air Force.

I am most proud of
Being elected captain on both the cross-country and crew teams my senior year. I committed myself to both sports and worked hard to set a positive example for my teammates, so I was honored when I was elected captain. For me it was an expression of the respect my teammates had for both my work ethic and leadership in choosing me to lead them during my final seasons.

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Saints Spotlight: Jordan Bonner ’15
Liz Torrey

Jordan Bonner ’15 is currently a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, where he is pursuing a master's in psychology and education while playing on the Cambridge men’s basketball team. Prior to his time in England, Bonner was a three-year starter at Wesleyan University where he received Second Team All-NESCAC honors in 2017-18, earned NESCAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2018-19, and scored 1,000 career points. Jordan took some time to chat with us about his time at St. Andrew's and his career aspirations.

What originally attracted you to SAS as a student-athlete?
Despite the renowned athletic facilities, equipment, and staff [that were evident] when I stepped on St Andrew’s campus, I knew that my purpose would extend far beyond my athletic prowess and ability. This excited me because while many of my friends back home were solely recruited to play sports in high school, I knew from day one that [at St. Andrew's] I would receive an excellent education, be an active member in the community, and that my identity would not be limited to what I could contribute on the basketball court. That's why I fell in love with SAS. Not just for what I would gain athletically but for what St. Andrew’s really embodied—putting the “student” first in student-athlete. 

Most memorable athletic experience while at SAS:
During my last game as a senior, I broke the school record for most points in a basketball game (51) and scored my 1,000th point!

What’s one piece of advice that you’d give current SAS student-athletes?
Living an "others-first" kind of life means that you actively look for opportunities to serve, help, love, and be there for other people. It’s easy to get caught up in what YOU have going on. SAS is an academically demanding institution even without sports commitments. When you add an extra 20 hours in your schedule for practice and games, it becomes tempting to just do your own thing and not worry about anyone else.
A simple text to an old friend that you haven’t heard from in a while, saying hi to a Middletown resident on Main Street, greeting the people that serve food in the Dining Hall are ways that you can ensure that you are living a life beyond yourself. Your purpose in life is bigger than just you. The true measure of someone’s character is not what you have done to benefit yourself but what you have done to ensure that other’s experiences are better than your own. And it’s never too late to do that.

Describe your game for those who haven’t seen you play.
I am a well-rounded basketball player. I can do a little bit of everything on the court. I am an explosive scorer, although sometimes streaky, but I work hard and do whatever it takes for my team to win. 

In 5 years I hope to:
Have my PhD from the University of Cambridge and either 1) run/start my own school, 2) serve as a consultant to educational organizations on how to best prepare minority students for college and career pathways or 3) be a Dean of Students at a university.

I am most proud of:
Who I am and who I have become. If you know me, you’ll know that I am constantly searching for ways to elevate myself. Whether it’s in my journey/relationship with God, as a friend, student, etc. I am never satisfied with where I am. Always grateful, but always hungry for more. 

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Saints Spotlight: Myles Stephens ’15
Liz Torrey

Myles Stephens ’15 currently plays professional basketball for Baskets Juniors Oldenburg in Oldenburg, Germany. Prior to his time in Germany, Stephens had an outstanding collegiate career at Princeton University, where he majored in history and received All-Ivy League honors three times, earned Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year in 2016-17, and scored 1,000 career points. Myles sat down with us to discuss his time as a student-athlete at St. Andrew’s and walked us through his journey as a professional athlete.

What originally attracted you to SAS as a student-athlete?
The balance between excellent academics and athletes. I knew that I would not have to sacrifice one for the other and that was very appealing to me.

Most memorable athletic experience while at SAS:
My last game on senior night after missing the entire season with an ACL tear. 

What’s one piece of advice that you’d give current SAS student-athletes?
Make sure you work as hard in the classroom as you do on the court. The ball will stop bouncing one day and you’re going to have to lean on something else when that time comes.

How did participating in NBA workouts help your game?
Participating in NBA workouts helped me to see what I needed to work on and allowed me to compare myself to other elite athletes reaching for the same goals as me.

What was the biggest adjustment that you had to make adapting to professional basketball?
Three things stand out to me. I’ve had to adjust to the speed of the game, the physicality, and the skill level of the players.

Describe your game for those who haven’t seen you play:
I would say that I’m a versatile two-way wing player who can guard multiple positions on the floor. On offense, I have the ability to score at all three levels.

In 5 years I hope to be:
Playing basketball at a high level! If i’m not playing basketball, I believe that I’ll be in corporate law or in law school.

I am most proud of:
All the work that I have put in up to this point; to be able to play basketball for a living while being able to travel and see the world. It’s allowed me to experience different people and different cultures.

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Saints Spotlight: Annie Roach ’18
Liz Torrey

Annie Roach ’18 is currently a sophomore at Wesleyan University, where she majors in English and Italian studies and competes on the women’s squash team. Prior to her time at Wesleyan, Annie was a force to be reckoned with at St. Andrew's as a three-sport standout in field hockey, squash, and tennis. Annie took some time to talk with us about the value of being a multi-sport athlete and how that helped her transition to college squash.
What originally attracted you to SAS as a student-athlete?
I was originally attracted to SAS as a student-athlete because SAS allows (and encourages!) students to take part in more than one sport during their time at school, and also encourages students to step out of their comfort zones and try new sports. Before coming to SAS, I had played field hockey and tennis (and continued to do so all four years) but had never played squash before. Although I was originally daunted, I grew to love it over the course of high school and decided to pursue it in college as well. I think being a multi-sport athlete was really important to me—you might not expect that playing field hockey would help one's squash skills and vice versa, but for me, I think it did! 
How did Coach Foehl and Coach Speers help you improve?
Coach Foehl and Coach Speers really helped me improve in squash—I went from never having picked up a squash racket at the beginning of freshman year to playing #2 for the majority of my senior season, and their support and coaching was valuable to me. Part of what I love about squash is that it's such a community-bonding experience—the van rides to other squash-playing schools are long—and I think Coach Foehl and Speers did an excellent job of fostering a good team culture. We were always excited to travel together and spend time together. I also think particularly Coach Foehl pushed me to be a harder worker on the court; he didn't tolerate any laziness or slacking off, so by my senior year, my attitude, fitness, and focus improved a lot. 
How did your time as a multi-sport athlete at SAS prepare you for the challenges that you faced as a collegiate athlete?
It was very easy for me to adjust to playing and practicing squash all year round, because I had always played sports all year round and was used to that kind of commitment and intensity. Many college athletes come in having only played their sport during its designated season, so it's sometimes a hard adjustment to be going at such an intense pace all the time. But having had the experiences that I had at SAS, I felt fully prepared for the preseason, the season, and the postseason. 
Most memorable athletic experience while at SA:
Every year, competing in the state tournament for tennis was really exciting and memorable, especially because our tennis teams were (and are) really good! My senior year our girls team came in third in the state, and it's always such a fun experience to watch all the matches and cheer on teammates. During my senior year, our second doubles team (Mimi Wilmerding ’21 and Anya Dhawan ’19 went undefeated and won the state tournament easily, which was amazing to see. 

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