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Unseen Things that Do Not Die

In this Wednesday evening Chapel Talk, Associate Head of School Will Speers talks about the revelations he received from reading his V Form students' papers on Wuthering Heights over Spring Break.

Advice to My High School Self

In this Friday morning Chapel Talk, Associate Director of Counseling Lindsay Roznowski (who is also a Class of 1999 alum of St. Andrew's) shares advice she, and her fellow faculty members, would give their high school selves.

Limbo Might Not Be Such a Bad Place

Iris Hwang '20 gave this Chapel Talk during a Wednesday night service, organized by the Asian Affinity Group, held in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Balancing My Two Identities

Dustin Fang '20 gave this Chapel Talk during a Wednesday night service, organized by the Asian Affinity Group, held in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Bringing My Traditions Into This School

Lois Lee '22 gave this Chapel Talk during a Wednesday Chapel night service, organized by the Asian Affinity Group, held in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

New Beginnings, Family Unity

Chloe Tung '20 gave this Chapel Talk during a Wednesday night service, organized by the Asian Affinity Group, held in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

"Am I Part of the One Percent?"

Elise Hogan '19 gave this talk as part of our "There's More To Me Than What You See" Chapel service, organized and led by the Student Diversity Committee.

Portrait of a Teacher as a Young (and Now Older) Man

Dean of Teaching and Learning Elizabeth Roach gave this tribute (in the form of a Wednesday night Chapel Talk) to Associate Head of School Will Speers, who is retiring after 40 years of teaching and leading at St. Andrew's, and 40 years of friendship with Elizabeth and her husband, Head of School Tad Roach.

What I've Learned From a Life in Books

Jennifer Puryear P'17,'19 delivered this Chapel Talk at the Sunday morning service of Parents Weekend 2018. In it, she shares three ways in which reading can enrich our lives and our communities.

The Power of Community

SAS Technology Team member Beth Crook talks about the power of community to carry us through times of adversity.

The Mists of Memory

Classics and English teacher Phil Walsh gives a powerful Chapel Talk on the mutability of memory and the ways in which modern distractions can make us forgetful.

Life Is Not Neutral

Bill Perkins, longtime leader of Friendship House in Wilmington, Delaware, gave this moving Chapel Talk during our annual Blessing of the Animals service. In it, he shares three reasons why our animals bless us.

Be a Lamp, Not a Firecracker

The Right Reverend Kevin S. Brown, Bishop of Delaware, gave this Wednesday night Chapel Talk on how St. Andrew's students can be the "light of the world."

The Toughest Choices

Associate Head of School Will Speers gave this opening Wednesday night Chapel Talk of the 2018-19 school year.

"We Have Something Special"

Tori Tull '18 recalls the story of her three-year triple, from its inception as a "forced" roommate situation, to the strongest friendships of her life.

On Being a "Non-Emotional"

In this Mein Chapel Talk, Belle Dallam '18 shares how, despite being a relatively unemotional person, she has come to love the St. Andrew's culture of hugging, emoting, and generally wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

Long Talks & Longer Friendships

In this Mein Chapel Talk, VI Form student Hanna Soulati '18 recalls how one of her first St. Andrew's friendships formed over a cup of coffee, and how the School is the first place she truly felt comfortable sharing the details of her Iranian background.

On the Way to Chic-Fil-A

Senior Baylen Manocha '18 on why, when it comes to faculty rides to Chic-Fil-A, the journey is more important than the destination.

Sending St. Andreans Out Into the World

Alum and faculty member Devin Duprey '10 gave this talk on what is expected of St. Andrew's graduates after they leave the campus community to the Class of 2018 at their VI Form Dinner. (Note: the first thirty seconds of this talk is cut off in the recording.)

When You Show Up

On the Sunday of Arts Weekend 2018, current parent and Trustee Laurisa Schutt P'18 gave this Chapel Talk on the power of authentic connection and "showing up" for one another.

Conversations with God

Director of Communications Liz Torrey shares the ways in which prayer has impacted her life, and encourages students and faculty to give regular "conversations with God" a try.

The Foundation of the St. Andrew's Experience

2017 Distinguished Alum Cristy Colon '87 gave this Chapel Talk on her experience at St. Andrew's, and how both its positives and negatives shaped her character long after graduation.

Embracing the Frightening Unknown

Associate Head of School Will Speers recalls moments of fear in his life and wrestles with the question of: what can we do when we're scared?

Combatting the Single Story

Classics and English teacher Phil Walsh delivers this All Saints Day Chapel Talk on how a review of his recently published book falsely pigeonholed him as a certain kind of person, and how that experience helped him see the "danger of a single story," in the words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Privilege & Responsibility, Confidence & Connection

In this Parents Weekend Chapel Talk, current parent Mercedes Abramo P'18 shares essential habits—learned from her own career in business leadership—for developing a "human community" in your own particular ecosystem, wherever that may be.

God is Love

Dean of Students Will Robinson talks about the impact Wednesday night Chapel services had on him as a student at St. Andrew's, and how his understanding of God has evolved throughout his adult life.

Battle of the Sexes 2.0: Never Lower Our Guard

Dean of Teaching & Learning Elizabeth Roach speaks candidly about the joys of growing up in a "feminist household", the challenges of her own experiences with sexism, and the need for collaboration across gender in the fight for social equality.

Do Not Worry About Your Life

Dean of Diversity Education Giselle Furlonge gives a Wednesday night Chapel Talk about how she works to remember the words of Matthew 6:25 and be present in her busy and sometimes overwhelming days as a new mother, teacher, advisor, and dorm parent.

You Can Sweat

Math teacher Bowman Dickson shares the motivations and memories behind his long-distance running habit, and explains why we're all capable of running our own personal marathons.

Our Human Family

In this opening Wednesday night Chapel Talk of the 2017-18 school year, retired Bishop Bud Shand calls for radical empathy and love for all members of our human family.

What Happens After SAS

Alum LeMar McLean '00 delivered this talk to graduating seniors at the 2017 VI Form Dinner. LeMar spent the spring of 2017 at St. Andrew's teaching acting classes and producing the spring play, while theatre teacher Ann Taylor was traveling on a one-semester sabbatical. In his talk, LeMar shares the "secrets" of life after St. Andrew's.

A Letter to SAS

In this Mein Chapel Talk, Graduating senior Rachel Sin '17 writes a farewell letter to St. Andrew's and recalls the small moments of discovery and growth she's experienced during her time here.

How to Bottle Your Memories

Shortly before graduation, VI Form student Hannah Beams '17 digs up a time capsule she'd buried at the end of her freshman year—and wonders how she can ever truly preserve all of her memories of St. Andrew's.

The Unlikely Lessons of St. Andrew's

Harrison Foley '17 gives a Mein Chapel Talk on how St. Andrew's has helped him learn to be comfortable with "being yourself"—and that it's okay not to know exactly what "being yourself" means just yet.

Love That Room

In this Mein Chapel Talk, VI Form student Kya Bunn '17 shares the ways in which the Pell Common room has impacted her life, and the lives of so many other female students, during her four years at SAS.

Four Lessons on Leadership

On Sunday of our 2017 Arts Weekend, VI Form parent Vik Malhotra P'17 delivered this Chapel talk on the four habits of character he believes are required for great leadership.

Unknowable Risks & Deep Kindness

Retiring French teacher Diahann Johnson delivers her last Chapel Talk of her tenure at St. Andrew's. In it, she reflects on her experiences as the first African-American women to join St. Andrew's teaching faculty.

Do Small Things With Great Love

Trustee and current parent Betsy Cahill P'11,'12,'19 gave this Friday afternoon Chapel Talk on the importance of pursuing habits of humility in our ambitious and self-promotional world.

At St. Andrew's, I Tell People I Love Them

In this Wednesday night Chapel Talk, Math teacher and boys basketball coach Sam Permutt shares anecdotes from his time playing professional basketball in Israel, and what that experience taught him about the importance of living in service to others—of living in love.

The Race That's Marked Out For Us

Registrar Cynthia Poarch shares her experience of having a life-saving liver transplant, and meditates on the effects of time, chance, and hard work on the shape and direction of our lives' paths.

Show Your Love: Grab That Oar and Help Us Row to Shore

In this talk, Spanish teacher Donald Duffy emphasizes the importance of our mutual willingness to contribute to the greater good, in small ways as well as large. He also kicks off the talk with a rousing rendition of "Without Love" by Tom Jones, sung yes, from the Chapel lectern.

The Consequential Inconsequential

2016 Distinguished Alumni Ed Strong '66 P'07,'10 gives a Chapel Talk on the "consequential inconsequential": those apparently small things in one's life—a gift, a conversation, a choice—that turn out to be transformational.

"Lord Save Us, We Are Perishing"

Classics teacher Matt McAuliffe shares some fear-filled turning points in his life, and suggests ways we all might rebuke our fears of the storms that surround us.

Open Hearts, Open Minds

On Sunday morning of our 2016 Parents Weekend, Staci Williams Seeley P'17 delivered this Chapel Talk on the daily practices required to maintain an open heart and an open mind.

21 Questions for God

Classics Department Chair and Director of Diversity Education Giselle Furlonge explores the difference between the productive and unproductive questions she's asked herself, and asked of God.