2019-20 Transportation Policies

Instructions for Parents of Students Traveling to School by Train, Plane, or Bus

While the School does have drivers that can help with some student transportation needs, their availability cannot be guaranteed for all student arrivals to and departures from nearby transit points, such as airports and train stations. Please adhere to the following policies for transportation on Long Weekends and other School breaks, as well as normal weekends when students need to leave or return to St. Andrew's.

Students use our leave management system, REACH, to share their travel details, and to request and gain approval for travel to and from school. For travel plans made within 24 hours of departure, students must contact Assistant Dean of Students Terrell Myers at 302-359-7864 or tmyers@standrews-de.org and Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright at 904-728-8057 or kwright@standrews-de.org to ensure that their transportation is scheduled.

Please encourage your child to stay in contact with Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright (904-728-8057 or kwright@standrews-de.org) while traveling, particularly if he or she encounters any problems or delays.