2020-21 Transportation Policies

2020-21 COVID-19 UPDATES

Given the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the school’s approach in adhering to state and national guidelines, many of our transportation policies are being adjusted to ensure the safety and well-being of our community members. Students will no longer be able to take weekends or leave campus for any reason unless they have a family emergency or another similarly extreme circumstance. In these instances, all leaves must be accompanied by a written email and phone call to Dean of Students Matt Carroll (mcarroll@standrews-de.org, 302-285-4391) in order to receive approval.

In the event a student is approved for travel off campus, please follow the policies listed below carefully. If you are still unclear about how to proceed, please contact Matt Carroll (mcarroll@standrews-de.org, 302-285-4391).


Once students are on campus, they will need to remain in our care for the duration of the fall semester. If an emergency leave is approved for a student, the school can generally provide transportation to and from either the Wilmington Train Station or the Philadelphia Airport, utilizing a school driver or Delaware Express (302-454-7800). Once a leave has been approved by Dean of Students Matt Carroll (mcarroll@standrews-de.org), the student will need to contact Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright (kwright@standrews-de.org, 904-728-8057) if they have transportation needs.  

Whether or not the student obtains help from the school in securing transportation, they must use our leave management system, REACH, to complete the appropriate checkout forms for the Dean’s Office before departing from campus. Failure to do so is a disciplinary matter.


While the school does have drivers that can help with some student transportation needs, their availability cannot be guaranteed for all student arrivals to nearby transit points, such as airports and train stations. Please adhere to the following policies for transportation regarding travel by plane or train:

For travel-to-campus plans made within 24 hours of departure, students must contact Matt Carroll (mcarroll@standrews-de.org, 302-285-4391) and Karin Wright (kwright@standrews-de.org, 904-728-8057)  to ensure that their transportation is scheduled. Please encourage your child to stay in contact with Karin Wright while traveling to campus, particularly if they encounter any problems or delays.