• Leaving & Returning to Campus

The policies set forth by the airline industry make it a challenge for the School to provide transportation to and from the airport for children under the age of 15 who travel alone. Unaccompanied children policies vary from airline to airline; for example, when flying Southwest, no escort is necessary for children over the age of 11, while American, Delta, and Frontier airlines require escorts for children under the age of 15. Generally speaking, these policies require children under 15 to be accompanied by a chaperone who must check in with the child at the ticket counter, sign a waiver, and stay with the child at the gate until the flight departs. All airlines also charge an additional fee (on top of the price of the ticket) for unaccompanied minor travel.

If a student has relatives or family friends living near St. Andrew's, they can be helpful in escorting the student to the airport. When School personnel serve as escorts, students will be charged $25 per hour in addition to the transportation cost. In order to arrange for School escorts, at least ten days notice is required. School escorts must be arranged through Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright, at 302-285-4273 or kwright@standrews-de.org. Please make sure you have your child’s flight information (airline, flight number, departure, and arrival times) available when you contact Karin Wright.

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