• Student Conduct

In part, we have established our daily expectations to help students develop regular habits that will contribute to their academic, co-curricular, social well-being, and success. We believe that maintaining a neat and clean living environment will make them more productive students; we believe that showing up on time for their commitments will allow them to gain the most from their experience; we believe that waking up in time for breakfast will provide them with both nourishment and time to prepare for the day’s events, etc. Our marks system provides us with a measure of a student’s ability to meet these daily expectations while developing long-term habits for effective management of their busy lives.

The conduct year is broken into three terms: September through Thanksgiving (11 weeks), Thanksgiving through Spring Break (11 weeks), Spring Break through the end of the year (10 weeks). During each of these conduct terms, students may not exceed a total of 20 marks. If a student exceeds this allowance, he or she should expect the following consequences:

  • 1 over: Once a student reaches 20 marks, the student will be placed on Disciplinary Warning which will require him/her to complete two hours of work detail. Advisors will notify parents.
  • 10 over: Once a student exceeds 30 marks, he/she will be placed on Disciplinary Report which will require him or her to complete another two hours of work detail and will result in a Residential Review with  a member of the Dean’s Office, the Dean of Students, Corridor Parent, and Advisor. The Dean will write a letter home to parents.
  • If a student continues to accrue marks after this Residential Review, the student will be separated from School for failing to meet the daily expectations of living in our community.
  • Students who have two or more residential reviews risk not being invited back to St. Andrew's at the end of the academic year. 

A student may not leave campus the weekend he/she is assigned work detail. Students who miss work detail will be required to complete an additional two hours of work detail and may face additional consequences, including a separation from School for two or more missed work details.  

Marks Designation

  • 1 mark: messy room, minor lateness (class, School Meeting, sit-down meal, practice, check-in, etc.), kitchen items in rooms.
    2 marks: missing breakfast check-in, failed room inspection, major lateness > 10 min, (class, School Meeting, check-in, sit-down, practice, etc.), disruptive behavior, overdue library item.
    3 marks: job cut, leaving corridor after check-in, playing video games when not allowed, late or incorrect weekend procedure.
    4 marks: missing sit-down meal, missing practice/afternoon or evening obligation, missing detention, cell phone out of room.
    5 marks: missing class or Chapel, leaving corridor after lights out.
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