• Student Conduct

It is the policy of St. Andrew’s School that any harassment, sexual or otherwise, of its students, employed personnel or guests will not be tolerated. Any student, faculty member, or other employee guilty of behavior or actions constituting harassment of any kind of another member of the School community will be dealt with seriously; offenders will be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal. The School will enforce this policy with respect to employees of outside contractors doing business at the School as well.

Sexual harassment includes acts, either physical, verbal or written, directed toward another person which offend or intimidate him or her through sexual references or actions. Such acts can be intentional or inadvertent. Touching, flirting, suggestive remarks, jokes with sexual connotations, gesturing, and leering are just some examples of actions which may constitute sexual harassment. Email, text-messaging, or social media messages that are offensive, rude or sexually suggestive are included under this harassment policy.

Students who believe that they have been the victim of sexual harassment should notify the Head of School immediately. The Head of School may take unilateral action against students involved in sexual harassment; he may decide not to use the Discipline Committee.

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