• Student Conduct

As we live and work with students in an Episcopal School, we encourage students to develop friendships and relationships based on mutual respect, empathy, compassion, and equality.

When we see students develop strong affection for one another, we talk to and advise them about their relationship as any parent would do. We caution students about the physical, emotional, and psychological issues involved in fully developed sexual relationships.

St. Andrew’s specifically prohibits students from engaging in sexual intercourse or oral sex. Boarding school is not an appropriate place for sexual intimacy. If a faculty member does learn of students engaged in sexual intercourse or oral sex on campus, he/she will inform the Associate Head or Dean of Students who will meet the students with their advisors, and notify the students’ parents.

While they do not condone student sexual activity, counselors, and members of Health Services may keep conversations about sexual behavior confidential at the request of the student.
We expect St. Andrew’s students to show respect for one another as well as for others in the community by refraining from public displays of affection.

Finally, we expect our students to comply with the School’s rules and regulations concerning “in-dorm” times and its prohibition against entering the room of a member of the opposite sex, except for designated visitation times.

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