• Student Conduct

Colleges and universities ask students and St. Andrew’s to report suspensions that occur at any time during a student’s career at the School. Such reports demonstrate honesty, integrity and responsibility on the part of the student and the School.

Therefore, we require students to report suspensions to the colleges as they apply. The Head of School will add a letter to colleges explaining the suspension and student growth and maturity since the incident.

Recognizing that students do indeed grow and develop, in both maturity and in their understanding of the rigorous expectations of the culture of St. Andrew’s, if a student receives a suspension or major suspension for a first honor or discipline offense in the III or IV Form year, and does not appear before the Honor or Discipline Committee again, the suspension may—at the discretion of the Head of School—not be reported to colleges. However, should the student appear before the Honor or Discipline Committee again, at any time, this initial suspension will be considered a previous offense.

If a student receives a suspension in the senior year after he/she has either applied to or been accepted to college, the student and the Head of School will inform the college of the infraction.

If a student withdraws from St. Andrew’s during the senior year and has applied to and been accepted to college, he/she must report the withdrawal within two weeks of his or her departure from the School. At the two-week mark, St. Andrew’s will inform the college of the withdrawal.


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