• Student Conduct

At the end of each academic year, the faculty carefully reviews the academic record, conduct and contributions of each member of the student body. The faculty makes recommendations for specific letters of commendation, for summer work, counseling, or probation for some students. In some cases, the faculty recommends to the Head of School that a student not return to St. Andrew’s. Reasons for such a recommendation may include the following factors:

  • A student’s refusal or inability to follow the rules and regulations of the School.
  • A student’s insensitive or intolerant attitude towards or treatment of others.
  • A student’s inability to work effectively in the academic culture of the School.
  • A student’s failure to meet the terms of a probation year.
  • A student’s failure to engage in the academic opportunities and programs of the School.
  • A student’s failure to meet his/her daily obligations on corridor, in the job program, and in the academic culture of the School.
  • Students who bring a juul to School face immediate dismissal.

The Head of School makes the final decision regarding promotion of all students with the full consultation of the faculty. Before such an end-of-the-year process, the School will inform parents in writing of our concerns regarding promotion at St. Andrew’s.

  • disciplinary policies
  • general student behavior guidelines
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