• Student Conduct

St. Andrew’s seeks to cultivate and protect an intimate and authentic community by encouraging consistent and genuine face-to-face conversation and relationship building. Our cell phone policy seeks to provide students and their parents with adequate and reliable communication while maintaining the unique culture of the St. Andrew’s community. We ask both parents and students to believe in and adhere to the spirit and specific regulations of the policy, and to seriously consider the necessity of having a smartphone on campus. It is recommended and not unusual for students to forego smartphones in favor of a cell phone primarily used to call family or friends.

Students must:

  • Leave cell phones in their own rooms at all times unless the student is off-campus.
  • Respect the academic day and study hours as the time to focus on and complete academic work. Unless given specific permission by a faculty member, students may not make phone calls during academic hours.
  • Refrain from using phones to text or make calls after lights-out.
  • Ask permission to use the phone in a place other than his or her dormitory room when service limitations interfere with upon communication with parents.

If a student uses a cell phone outside of his or her room without permission, the student will receive the following sanctions:

  • First offense: loss of phone for 3 days.
  • Second offense: loss of phone for 1 week.
  • Subsequent offenses: loss of phone for 2 weeks.
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