• Safety & Security

The School has developed a number of plans designed to promote community safety in the event of a local, national, or international emergency. The School reviews and practices procedures for fire evacuation, shelter in place, and campus evacuation. In case of an emergency, the School will work to contact parents via our website, parent email system and/or telephone messaging.

Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lockdown, Run, Hide, Fight
St. Andrew’s has developed and practiced a number of emergency procedures to protect the safety of the community in case of an emergency either on campus or in the adjacent community. During the course of the year, the Head of School will direct drills featuring evacuation, shelter in place, lockdown, and run, hide, fight. All members of the community should understand both the signal for emergency procedure and their respective responsibilities.

Fire Safety
The School will conduct monthly fire drills to prepare the School for an emergency. Everyone must respond quickly and appropriately to any fire alarm at any time.

  • critical incident policy
  • fire safety