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The St. Andrew’s Debit Card is used as a picture ID card and to record cash withdrawals (“allowance”) and most student purchases and charges throughout the school year including, but not limited to, workbooks, School supplies, postage, UPS, Federal Express, elective field trips, special activities, unreturned team uniforms, or sports equipment and unreturned library materials. The lost Debit Card fee is $25.00.
At the beginning of the school year, your student’s Debit Card will be credited with $250 to activate or reactivate it and cover initial charges for cash allowances and other School supplies early in the school year. The School will bill you for this amount on the first tuition billing of the year. This initial deposit and any other deposits on the Debit Card are drawn down as items or services are used; therefore periodic deposits need to be made to the Debit Card. Parents are asked to maintain a positive balance throughout the year. During the year, itemized statements of all St. Andrew’s Debit Card transactions will be provided to parents on a monthly basis.
The School cannot advance funds to individual students except in extreme emergencies and with special authorization from parents or guardians.

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