• Residential Life

The most practical way for students to obtain funds for spending money, weekend travel, shopping, etc., is from their St. Andrew’s Debit Card.

Students can also open a personal checking account, and the School’s Business Office will provide assistance for students opening one in the Middletown, Delaware, area. Bank options include M&T Bank (302-285-3277), Wells Fargo (302-378- 9521), and Wilmington Savings Fund Society (800-292-9594). The School will cash checks for moderate amounts during designated banking hours at the School Store, Monday through Friday.

To foster responsible banking practice and minimize overdrafts on either your child’s bank account or SAS Debit Card, please review checkbook procedures, monthly reconciliations, and fiscal responsibility with your child before the start of School. This may prevent a more painful (and expensive) educational process later.

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