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All rooms are equipped with beds, bureaus, closets, desks, and desk chairs. Students may not replace dorm furniture, except under exceptional circumstances. The Dean of Students will consider any exceptions. Mattress covers are provided. Students are to provide their own pillows and standard twin bed linens. If necessary, a pillow may be purchased at the School Store. Also, students are expected to provide their own desk lamps, clothes hangers, blankets, and towels. Space is limited and the School reserves the right to prohibit nonessential furniture in rooms. Furniture must be in good condition. In addition, the School prohibits posters that are pornographic, degrading to men or women, or suggestive of alcohol or drug use.

Although all girls’ rooms have blinds, girls may want to bring curtains. The hardware is already installed. Most rooms are not carpeted.

Because of fire regulations, students are not permitted to have cooking equipment, including popcorn poppers, in rooms. Kitchens are available in several common rooms.

Because they can be a fire hazard, halogen lamps are not permitted.

Bicycles are permitted to students in all Forms, but bicycles are not permitted in student rooms. A secure lock is suggested.

Weapons of any kind, including slingshots, pellet guns, paint-ball guns, b-b guns, fireworks, explosives, and knives, with the exception of clasp knives with a blade less than two inches long, are not permitted. Violation of this policy may result in expulsion.

Students may not have pets of any kind.

Students who leave their room damaged or messy at the end of the year will be charged a fee of $200.

Each student must check out before leaving for a major vacation.

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