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The Head of School may at times have to make a determination about whether a student’s continued attendance at and engagement in St. Andrew’s is advisable, either for that particular student or the residential community. As he studies such a decision, the Head of School relies on the advice, counsel, and expertise of the Dean of Wellness, the Dean of Counseling, the Director of Health Services, and the Associate Head of School. For example, the Director of Health Services may recommend that students with severe concussions or severe cases of the flu go home, if parents and home are accessible. The Dean of Counseling may recommend that students experiencing depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder take a medical leave of absence.

If the Head of School decides a medical leave is necessary, he will share with the student and his or her parents the conditions for a return to School. The medical leave form sets forth School expectations regarding necessary appointments, evaluation, therapy if needed, and recommendations for return. It is important to emphasize that the final decision about when or whether a student returns rests with the School.

If a medical leave lasts for over a quarter of the year’s academic calendar, the School may ask a student to complete his/her year at another School.

Each medical leave case is unique, but the inability to attend classes and School for such a length of time does jeopardize a student’s ability to return to St. Andrew’s in that given year.

Whenever a student returns from a medical leave, he/she must check in with the Health Center upon arrival to campus. He/she may not return to dorm, class, or student life activities until he/she checks in with the Director of Health Services or an attending member of the Health Services staff. At that time, the student must turn in any prescription medication or over-the-counter medications.

If the School, a therapist, or parents determine a student requires a second medical leave from St. Andrew’s, the Head of School, Dean of Wellness, or Dean of Counseling will review the student’s status carefully. If a second leave is an indication of a student’s ongoing inability to meet the demands of boarding school life, the School may require the student to withdraw.

When the student is able to return to School, he/she must check in at the Health Center immediately upon arrival to campus. The Director of Health Services must give final permission and approval before the student returns to dorm, classes, or School activities in collaboration with the Dean of Wellness or the Dean of Counseling. The Dean of Wellness oversees all aspects of each medical leave.

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