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In addition to academic guidance, the School provides counseling services to students. For the 2019-20 school year, our counseling staff is comprised of: 

Whiz Hutchinson, Dean of Wellness—302-285-4287
Pam Brownlee, Dean of Counseling—302-285-4380 
Lindsay Roznowski, Associate Dean of Counseling—302-285-4398

Students can meet privately with any of these counselors. With their special knowledge and experience, they are in the best position to help students who are having a difficult time managing stress, and anxiety, mental health issues, or any other concerns.

Ways in which a student and counselor begin to work together vary. An advisor or coach may refer a student to a counselor; a parent may call the School and ask that his/her child see one of the counselors; or a student or a student’s friend will contact the counselor directly.

For the most part, the professional ethics which normally define a counselor/client relationship prevail. We wish to emphasize that the counselor is obligated to inform the Head of School should he/she be concerned that a life-threatening situation exists. Similarly, confidentiality does not extend to situations where the counselor suspects drug or alcohol abuse or any other situation which could have serious, adverse consequences to the health of the student. 

Should you wish further information about counseling for your child, please contact the Head of School, Dean of Wellness, or Dean of Counseling.

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