Dress Code

St. Andrew's dress code sets a standard for acceptable attire at various School functions and provides a reasonable opportunity for all to dress in fashion.

Below is the full list of dress code rules; please see our What to Pack page for suggestions on how to interpret these rules practically.

Formal Dress

Required during Wednesday Night Dinner, Chapel, Convocation, special events, and as announced.

  • Slacks, button-down collared shirt, suit jacket or blazer, and tie. Belt, socks, and dress shoes; or
  • Dress with cardigan and dress shoes.

Classroom Dress

Required Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. in all areas of the School, during special programs, lectures, concerts, plays, and as announced.

  • Polo, blouse, or button-down collared shirt, tucked in; and
  • Skirt, dress, or slacks with belt; and
  • Socks and dress shoes.

  • Haycock Wear

    Haycock Wear is named for Arthur Haycock ’59 who established the style. Allowed on special weather-related occasions, as announced.

  • Haycock Wear is identical to Classroom Dress except that dress shorts and dress sandals are permitted.