Transportation Policies

Important Instructions on Transportation for 2017-18

Instructions for Parents of Students Traveling to School by Train, Plane, or Bus

While the School does have drivers that can help with some student transportation needs, their availability cannot be guaranteed for all student arrivals to and departures from nearby transit points, such as airports and train stations. Please adhere to the following policies for transportation on Long Weekends and other School breaks, as well as normal weekends when students need to leave or return to St. Andrew's.

Students use our leave management system, REACH, to share their travel details, and to request and gain approval for travel to and from school. For travel plans made within 24 hours of departure, students must contact Assistant Dean of Students Terrell Myers at 302-359-7864 and Transportation Coordinator Karin Wright at 904-728-8057 to ensure that their transportation is scheduled.

Long Weekends and School Breaks

The School provides bus transportation to the Wilmington Train/Bus Station and the Philadelphia Airport for Long Weekends and School breaks (see fees below). A trip to each will depart at 12 noon on the day that classes conclude. In order to protect the integrity of the academic day, except under special circumstances, the School will not provide transportation before noon on those days. Any departure time later than 12 noon can only be served by the School depending on the availability of School drivers. It is important that students who need transportation to the Wilmington Train/Bus Station or the Philadelphia Airport inform Mrs. Wright well in advance of traveling.

Upon returning from Long Weekends and School breaks, the School will provide transportation from the Wilmington Train/Bus Station and the Philadelphia Airport at 6:00 p.m. The School cannot provide other return times or additional pickups. Students who will need to return to School from either of these transport hubs earlier or later than the 6:00 p.m. pickup time are asked to contact Delaware Express or another local shuttle service for transportation back to campus, or make alternate arrangements. Reservations with Delaware Express (800-648-5466) must be made at least 48 hours before the date of return. When booking, feel free to request that the fee be charged to St. Andrew's School Account (No. 100164). The cost will subsequently be deducted from the student's SAS debit card.

Normal Weekends

On normal weekends, the School can generally provide students with bus transportation to either the Wilmington Train/Bus Station or the Philadelphia Airport, if the student leaves after classes end, or after an extracurricular commitment on Saturday. The School may also be able to arrange a return ride to School, utilizing a School driver, or via Delaware Express or another shuttle service, from the Wilmington Train/Bus Station or the Philadelphia Airport, but a minimum of 48 hours is necessary in order to make those arrangements. Otherwise, students must arrange their own return to campus when away during a normal weekend.

Whether or not the student obtains help from the School in securing transportation, he or she must complete the appropriate checkout forms for the Dean's Office before departure from campus. Failure to do so is a disciplinary matter.

Buses to New York City

For Long Weekends and School breaks, the School procures a coach bus for transportation to and from New York City. The bus will leave St. Andrew's at 12:30 p.m. on the day that classes conclude. On the return day, it picks up students at 2:00 p.m. on 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, and at 2:30 p.m. on 86th Street and 3rd Avenue. The cost per student depends on the number of riders; in the past, the cost has been between $25 and $40 one way.

Unaccompanied Children (Under 15 Years of Age) Traveling by Air or Train

The policies set forth by the airline and train industries make it a challenge for the School to provide transportation to and from the airport and train station for children under the age of 15, who travel alone. These policies require those children to be accompanied by a chaperone who must sign a waiver and stay with the child at the gate until the flight/train departs, or arrives at the gate/station. If a student has nearby relatives or family friends, they can be helpful in escorting the student. When School personnel serve as escorts, students will be charged $25 per hour in addition to the transportation cost. In order to arrange for School escorts, at least two weeks’ notice is required.


When the School provides a bus to and from the Philadelphia Airport and the Wilmington Train/Bus Station, the following fees will be deducted from the parent's Miscellaneous Billing Account for a one-way trip:

  • Philadelphia Airport: $35
  • Wilmington Train/Bus Station: $25

All trips to accommodate individual travel plans outside regularly scheduled bus transportation to and from the Philadelphia Airport and the Wilmington Train/Bus Station will be provided by a School driver, if available, or by an outside shuttle service. Please contact Mr. Miller to arrange for transportation well in advance of departure. The following fees for this transportation will be billed to the parent's Miscellaneous Billing Account:

Destination (one-Way)School Driver*Outside Shuttle SErvice**
Wilmington Train Station$40 per student$55+ per trip
Wilmington Bus Depot$40 per student$55+ per trip
Philadelphia Airport$55 per student$65+ per trip
BWI Airport--------$130+ per trip
New York City--------varies based on participation

* Various commitments limit the School drivers' availability to students.
** St. Andrew's School has no control over these fees and simply passes them along to you; these fees are approximations, and are subject to change at any time. Fees listed are based on single occupancy; multiple students on a trip may reduce the cost.


For any travel situation not addressed above, please contact the Assistant Dean of Students or the Transportation Coordinator directly.

Please encourage your child to stay in contact with Mrs. Wright (904-728-8057) while traveling, particularly if he or she encounters any problems or delays.