By Thomas Hischak
with permission from Dramatic Publishing

A play in 5 scenes which brings the voices of
Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway,
Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde,
Homer, Edgar Allen Poe, and Emily Dickinson
(as well as a few Shakespearean historians)
together in unexpected and contemporary ways. 

Director: Ann M. Taylor

Happy Hour, Parts One & Two

Ernest Hemingway – Mia Nguyen ’20

Jane Austen – Christine Chen ’21

Oscar Wilde – Tracy Yuan ’22

Dorothy Parker – Emily Paton ’20

Homer Nods

Penelope – Caitlin Shipley ’20

Homer – Isabel Hwang ’20

I Don’t Get Out Much

Edgar Allen Poe – Gino Palacios ‘21

Emily Dickinson – Anna Zurbuch ’20

From the Wastepaper Basket of W. Shakespeare

Historian One – Cierra Martinez ’20

Historian Two – Gino Palacios ‘21

Historian Three – Isabel Hwang ’20

Historian Four – Caitlin Shipley ’20

Historian Five – Anna Zurbuch ’20