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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Using Technology

Cell Phone Policy

We cultivate and protect our close-knit community by prioritizing genuine in-person interactions over digital communications. Our campus cell phone policy provides students and their parents with an adequate and reliable means of communication while also maintaining the unique culture of the St. Andrew’s community. We ask both parents and students to believe in and adhere to the spirit and specific regulations of the policy, which requires students to leave cell phones in their dormitory rooms at all times, unless they are going off-campus.

Students may use their phones in their rooms before lights-out, and must observe the following rules:

  • Students may not make phone calls during the academic day, unless given specific permission by a faculty member.
  • Students may not use phones to text, make calls, or access social media and the internet after lights-out.
  • Students may not use their phone as an internet hotspot after lights out.
  • Students must ask permission to use their phone in a place other than the student’s room.

Our countercultural stance on cell phones is embraced by the entire community (not only students, but faculty and staff) and is often enforced by students.

Internet Usage Guidelines

Student use of the St. Andrew's network and WiFi is also governed by our Honor Code. The Honor Code applies whether the student is using the network to conduct academic research, send emails, engaging with social media, or for any other purposes.

All members of the community have the responsibility to use the school network as well as their own devices in an ethical and responsible manner while upholding school standards of integrity and kindness. Students must:

  • Behave at all times in a manner consistent with our code of conduct.
  • Adhere to the hours allowed for use of the internet or phones.
  • Alert school administration of any concerns for the safety or security, with regard to internet use, of any student, faculty, or staff member.

Student Testimonies

I love the cell phone policy and the important face-to-face relationships it has helped me form.
I like the no phone policy. It really heightens the quality of the time I spend with my friends.
I am a huge advocate for the phone rule.
...I appreciate a community free of device-addiction...
I think if we continue to look at our technology in this way, not as a status symbol... but simply as an extension of our learning and teaching tools, we will continue to be a great community that utilizes technology without being consumed by it.
The technology [policy] was really helpful in creating the culture of the school, and to guide the school in directions of the things that really matter in life: the connections between people.