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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Saints Spotlight: Sunny Trivits ’22
Liz Torrey

Sunny Trivits ’22 came to St. Andrew's from Berlin, Maryland, a town on the Eastern Shore about ten minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. On school breaks, Sunny can often be found surfing, and at St. Andrew's, she's involved in a wide variety of athletics and activities—many of them aquatic! We chatted with Sunny recently to learn more about her passion for surfing, her goals for the future, and why she decided to become a Saint.

I ended up at St. Andrew’s because of my cousin who was in the Class of 2017. When I was in fifth grade I visited him at one of the [St. Andrew's crew] regattas. I thought the campus was AMAZING! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The moment I knew I wanted to apply here was when a student offered me—a random visitor he didn’t know—one of his birthday cupcakes. This single action showed me the heart of the “second family” and kindness culture that define St. Andrew’s—although I am sure this person didn’t know that they had convinced a fifth grader to apply three years later. I am an only child, and at first, my parents shut down the idea of boarding school. However, that idea was always in the back of my head—“What if I went there?” Then we came for an interview and I saw the freshmen students in class and I said to myself, “They look like me… that could be me.”

I am involved in a few things at SAS: Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, the Polar Bear Club, Adaptive Aquatics, and sports. Orchestra and Jazz make me think in a new way twice a week. I love the people and I love the music—it is time in my schedule for me to relax and have fun. I take pride in my commitment to the Polar Bear Club. I have participated in every plunge that I could, even when I was sick. Not my smartest decision but I love the morning rush! Adaptive Aquatics is what gets me through a tough Wednesday; seeing the kids learn to swim, and just getting to know them in general, brings me joy. I am on the JV volleyball team, the swim team, and girls crew. When you are on a team at St. Andrew’s, you go through everything together—success, failure, friendships, injuries—most of all we are a family. Sports teams at SAS are like nothing else and each and every person on the team means something because of the trust that is created.

I absolutely love living in a dorm and on campus. At my house, it’s only my mom, my dad, and my pets. It can be pretty quiet sometimes. But being on dorm builds bonds that can’t be created in a regular school day. There is always someone there, whether it’s to go to dinner or just sit and listen to music. Being able to have access to your best friends one door down is something different. But, we have to live together and that can create some challenges. Maybe an argument happened between you and a friend, for example, and then you have to see each other during brush and wash. But living together forces us to reflect on actions. We all have to go through it together. If someone is sad we all can be there for that person—same with happiness, homesickness, etc. There is support everywhere on dorm, and that is special. 

One thing that really shows me how much I love living on dorm, and how much it’s changed me as a person, is when you go on break. Some things that you might find annoying,—like people singing loud or taking too long in the shower—are things that you really miss when you’re gone. 

This long time away from campus makes me miss my roommates, Hayley Vu ’22and Gigi Sempertegui ’22. I also really miss hearing Micayla Kates ’22 singing, seeing Belin Tate ’22 and Pati Lunsford ’22 making dance videos, and Luna Armstrong ’22 waking up earlier than most to do her face routine and yoga. And this is just to name a few people—I could name what I miss most about everyone on Moss [Dorm].  

One thing I especially love doing during summer breaks is surfing. I enjoy it most when the water is warm and I don’t have to wear a full suit, gloves, boots, a hood, etc. I have been in the ocean my entire life and surfing for as long as I can remember.  I first started surfing when I was three years old or so. I first started on my dad’s back—I would hold on and he would ride the wave. When I got too big for that I started on my own boards. From then on, I have done it every summer since. I’m from Berlin, Maryland—only ten minutes away from pretty good waves, which is really great! The waves are best around 7:00 a.m. Sometimes I just want to sleep in, but when I get myself out of bed to surf, I end up happy and ready to start my day.

The beach is really the center my whole life. I have met so many new people through surfing—there is an instant bonding out in the water. Last year I applied for a scholarship from a company that creates surfboards in Australia. I made a video where I shared how “Surfing Makes My Life Better”. Creating that video made me realize how much surfing had affected my life, and still does. Surfing has taught me many things. One saying that my dad and I use is: “When in doubt, paddle out.” Even if you’re not sure, the waves aren’t perfect, or it looks intimidating, go out and try. Just have fun. Surfing has taught me to take risks and go.

I hope to try as many new things as possible in my life. I want to do new activities, try new foods, listen to new music. I want to use every opportunity I’m given and take full advantage of each here at St. Andrew’s, and in the rest of my life. Both now and long-term I want to be a good friend. I want to try my best to maintain long-lasting bonds. I have a goal of traveling and maybe teaching in different parts of the country and different places around the world. I’m still not sure what I want to teach, but I definitely want to go into education. Maybe as a teacher, administrator, or even as a speech therapist. Wherever I end up, I want to be a good person and help people. 

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