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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Inclusion & Belonging

Members of the alumni panel at the 2023 UNITED program.

Episcopal schools are places where people from all different types of perspectives and traditions show up and engage in the joyful process of learning. This is not only what we are supposed to do, but what we love to do.

National Association of Episcopal Schools,
NAES Statement on Inclusion and Episcopal Identity

Welcome from the Office of Inclusion and Belonging!

It is an honor to be a part of the St. Andrew’s family and to lead programming that sustains our commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable community. St. Andrew’s School is a unique place filled with people who are deeply interested in building relationships, connecting across cultures, and learning from one another. I am truly inspired by the ways our students, faculty, and staff practice curiosity and intellectual flexibility and am encouraged each day by the work of our affinity groups and student leaders to ensure a school culture where every person feels that they belong.

Every school year brings new questions, new challenges, and new opportunities to grow and learn as peers and as colleagues. Together, we are building and expanding upon a foundation laid by those whose vision for St. Andrew’s aligned with our Episcopal identity and its unwavering commitment to equity and justice. I appreciate the enthusiasm of our faculty, staff, and students to continue this important work which begins on our front lawn and extends to all communities where St. Andreans live and serve.

In service and solidarity,
Danica Tisdale Fisher, PhD


Danica Tisdale Fisher

Danica Tisdale Fisher

Dean of Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Education

The development of a culturally competent and bias-aware student body is also the responsibility of every St. Andrew’s faculty member and department. Keeping this fundamental principle in mind, our practice of inclusion and belonging involves faculty participants who collaborate, design, and carry out programming throughout the school year. Inclusion programming also aims to root itself across departments, grounding itself firmly in the daily experience of students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Leadership & Equity for III Form Students

Leadership & Equity is a course designed to introduce III Form students to key concepts in leadership and equity and to develop self-awareness, empathy, and confidence as burgeoning leaders who will advance St. Andrew’s commitment to “justice, peace and respect for every human being.” Emphasis in the course is on the practice of inclusive leadership and explores the impact of bias, highlights examples of effective leadership and the importance of inclusive leadership practices, and provides opportunities for self-assessment of leadership traits to better understand our own strengths and opportunities.

Faculty Facilitators for Leadership & Equity

Danica Tisdale Fisher, PhD, Dean of Inclusion and Belonging
Ana Ramírez, William S. Speers Associate Head of School
Dave Miller, Modern Languages Department Chair
Stacey Duprey, Co-Dean of Residential Life and Senior Associate Director of Admission

Community & Student Programming

Throughout each academic year, St. Andrew’s faculty, students, and staff collaborate to design and deliver a robust menu of programs that advance our commitment to inclusion and belonging and provide space for community members to engage in discussion and inquiry around issues of identity and difference. From affinity groups to the Student Diversity Committee and the Hooper Conference, there are many ways for all students to be involved.

Upcoming Events

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Our Commitment & Values

St. Andrew’s School seeks to cultivate an inclusive and equitable environment where all members of our community can thrive. In alignment with our Episcopal identity, we are grounded in our commitment to diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity. To this end, we practice a culture of inclusion to foster a greater sense of belonging for all community members in every aspect of school life.

A St. Andrew’s student:

  • displays empathy, models kindness, and lives with integrity
  • communicates effectively and has positive interactions with others in the community
  • advocates for their own needs and for the needs of others
  • values and relates to community members of different backgrounds
  • seeks to learn from those who are different
  • recognizes and manages their own biases

Affinity Groups

  • Asian Student Union
  • Atheist Affinity Group
  • Casa Latina
  • East Asian Affinity
  • Essence
  • GQ (Gender Queer)
  • Girls Collaborative
  • Guys Group
  • Jewish Affinity Group
  • LGBTQ Affinity Group
  • MENA
  • Muslim Affinity Group
  • Neurodiversity Affinity Group
  • Onyx
  • Opal/MRAG (Multiracial Affinity Group)
  • South Asian Affinity Group