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Important College Financial Aid Forms Now Available Online

On Friday, October 1, two important documents for applying for financial aid will become available: the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. Seniors and their families should discuss their plan for getting these forms completed so that you can meet all financial aid deadlines for your colleges. Deadlines and requirements for submitting financial aid applications vary by college, so it's important that you are checking each school's website to know when you will need to submit the appropriate paperwork. You will need copies of your family's 2020 tax returns in order to fill these forms out.

The FAFSA is required at every school in the US if you are a domestic student or permanent resident (green card holder) applying for financial aid. It is free to fill out a FAFSA and to send it to colleges; here is the website where you can access the form.

The CSS Profile is required at many private colleges and universities institutions (and a few public institutions as well). If you are an international student applying for aid, this is the form you'll most likely complete. To access this document, you'll need to log in through your College Board account. You have to pay a fee to submit the CSS Profile, so you should only send it to the schools to which you are applying early action or early decision. You can send it to any colleges you are applying to under regular decision according to the colleges' regular decision financial aid deadlines. Here is the website for the CSS Profile.

Some colleges will use their own form instead of the CSS Profile; this information should be indicated on the college's financial aid website. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please reach out to the College Counseling team!