What's Your Impact?

In June 2018, as part of our "What's Your Why?" Day of Giving, many of you shared the ways in which St. Andrew's has impacted your life, and the reasons why you support St. Andrew’s, year after year. This fiscal year, we want to show you the impact your Saints Fund gifts make in return, each and every day, on the experiences of current St. Andrew's students.

Your gifts change lives—see how by watching any of the videos below.

Teaching & Learning

Your Saints Fund gifts have a huge impact on the learning & lives of our students. Watch to learn more about the connections between your generosity and our classrooms.


In Loco Parentis

Get to know St. Andrew's incredible advising program... and how your Saints Fund gift makes it all possible.


Open the Doors

What does it take to keep the doors of opportunity open at St. Andrew's?



What's your impact on the arts at St. Andrew's?



What's your impact on St. Andrew's places?


Game Day

What's your impact on St. Andrew's athletics?


In June 2018, we asked you why YOU support St. Andrew's...

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... and here's what you told us!

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