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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Saints Fund


What is the Saints Fund?

The Saints Fund—formerly known as the Annual Fund—strengthens every aspect of school life and the student experience, by providing for needs of the school that cannot be covered by our endowment draw or tuition. Gifts to the Saints Fund help to pay for everything from the purchase of sheet music for the orchestra, to the repair of a broken boiler in Founders Hall; from transportation of an athletic team to a distant tournament, to outfitting our chemistry labs with new equipment.

Why give to the Saints Fund?

By making a gift, at any level, to the Saints Fund, you are supporting all of the programs that make St. Andrew’s an exemplary boarding school experience. You are also contributing to the continued existence and success of St. Andrew’s and its unique educational mission in our 21st century world. You are ensuring that our endowment will continue to open doors of opportunity to students who need financial aid to support their St. Andrew’s career, and you are preserving that endowment for future generations of St. Andreans.


Laurie Kettle-Rivera

Laurie Kettle-Rivera

Director of the Saints Fund

Why I Give to St. Andrew’s

Dean & Mary Barber P’00

We continue to support St. Andrew’s School through the Saints Fund because of our belief in the school’s mission.  It is our desire that this support helps deserving students gain access to both the excellent education and the experience of living within the St. Andrew’s community.

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Michael & Julie Porrazzo P’13,’15,’15

We continue to give to the Saints Fund as parents of alumni as our way to express our gratitude for the opportunity (in the classroom, in athletics, in the O’Brien Art Center, on dorm, and serving in the broader community) that St. Andrew’s provided for our children during their time on Noxontown Pond; for the adults at St. Andrew’s who partnered with us and inspired our children during these pivotal years in their lives; for the connection that we felt to the community from afar and whenever we set foot on campus; and for our belief in the mission of St. Andrew’s. St. Andrew’s will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope that our giving to the Saints Fund will help to provide the opportunity for current and future students and families to experience the impact of St. Andrew’s.

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Neel Puri ’16

The power of a St. Andrew’s education is something we all know very well, and almost goes without saying. Our school produces graduates who are the most empathetic, intelligent, ethical, principled and well-rounded individuals on the planet. Although we all go in different directions, we carry within us an incredible ethos that inevitably impacts everyone we come to know outside of SAS. To my family and me, there is no more important community than the SAS community. There is not a better place to give what one does not need, to bolster our endowment, our faculty, our facilities and most importantly to ensure equal access to an SAS education.

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Marvin & Robin Dillard P’24

When we embarked on selecting a high school with our daughter, the task seemed daunting. There were so many great schools with great academic reputations, fine facilities, and wonderful programs, yet we knew we were searching for more. We needed a welcoming environment with a culture of kindness that would embrace her from the beginning.

Watching her engage in every aspect of school life and grow from her St. Andrew’s experience has been the best part of being a Saint. We love how happy she is about finding a place in the world where young adults are encouraged to courageously share their gifts, where she and fellow Saints use those gifts to feed their souls and inspire their thinking and that of others. Most of all, it has been a place where, in her words, she “can rehearse what it is like for everyone to be fully seen, fully heard, and fully human.” 

We understand all this is made possible through the generosity of the community. Independent schools rely on annual campaigns like our Saints Fund to meet needs not covered by tuition and endowment draws. The Saints Fund is the mortar —that workable paste that hardens to bind, fill, and sometimes seal the irregular gaps— that makes all the difference in a student’s experience at St. Andrew’s. 

We’ve always taught our daughter not to look for something in the future that she isn’t willing to put in place today. With that said, each day of our daughter’s experience at St. Andrew’s reminds us how important it is for us to support the Saints Fund generously.

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Harrison & Liddy Hall P’26

We are filled with gratitude that our daughter has the opportunity to live and learn at St. Andrew’s. She is challenged each and every day, while being supported by caring, dedicated faculty and staff. She is building strong, meaningful friendships, and she is pushed to expand her horizons and try new things. We recognize that our tuition and the school’s endowment draw alone are not enough to allow St. Andrew’s to continue to offer all of the many amazing opportunities it does for our children, so it is important for us to participate in the Saints Fund annually to help augment and provide stewardship for the very things that drew our family to St. Andrew’s in the first place: top-notch academics, strong arts and athletics programs, a beautiful campus, and so much more.  Because we appreciate so very much what St. Andrew's means for our daughter, giving to the Saints Fund is a way we can express our thanks and help ensure that these amazing opportunities are available and accessible to others.

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Simon Saddleton ’97

I give to St. Andrew’s because I had a great experience there and I want others to have a great experience, regardless of their means. I give because I think St. Andrew’s is teaching young men and women to become conscientious and thoughtful adults, which is more important now than ever. I give because I think St. Andrew’s is one-of-a-kind—it’s critical that St. Andrew’s has the resources it needs to continue its mission.

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