Endowment Giving

The twin core strengths of St. Andrew's are its people: its socioeconomically diverse student body, and its dedicated and distinguished faculty. As a school founded in 1929 with an explicit and radical mission of educating students regardless of means, we have always believed in the power of the opportunity of St. Andrew's to change the trajectory of a child's life, and that socioeconomic diversity is central to the School's character and institutional health. That institutional health is also dependent upon our ability to attract and retain distinguished scholars as members of the School’s faculty.

St. Andrew's endowment makes possible the existence and presence of these twin core strengths. Investment income from our endowment underwrites St. Andrew's financial aid program and faculty support funds; without our endowment draw, we would not be able to attract the caliber or the diversity of students or teachers we do today. The current and future strength of St. Andrew’s depends on our ability to deepen the School’s historic, generous commitment to financial aid and faculty development.

To make a gift in support of an existing endowed fund, or to establish a new fund, please contact Bernice Whaley, Director of Advancement, at 302-285-4408 or bwhaley@standrews-de.org.

How Endowment Giving Works

Endowment gifts can be made directly to the School's original endowment, established by School Founder A. Felix duPont, or to a subsidiary endowment fund that supports a specific financial aid scholarship or academic department. Donors who wish to create a new endowed fund can do so with a minimum gift of $100,000, and may choose the name of the fund and determine its purpose and parameters in collaboration with the School's Advancement team. For a list of existing funds and new endowment fund opportunities, please see below.

The tradition of creating named endowed funds in academic communities reflects a school’s highest ideals and mission. Endowed funds celebrate the essential dynamic that makes great education possible: the connection between gifted, generous, creative teachers and promising, engaged, passionate students.

Endowment Giving for Scholarship Support

Endowment Giving for Faculty Support