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Student-Organized Walk for Water Raises $1600 for Well in Mozambique
Liz Torrey

On Sunday, October 14, Lila Feldman '20 organized an on-campus Walk for Water, a 5K walk in which participants carry containers of water to simulate the walk that millions of people must do each day in order to access clean water.

"The Walk for Water is designed to make people appreciate their easy access to clean water by realizing what others have to do to get it," Lila explained. "At St. Andrew's, we take our access to clean water for granted." The Walk for Water was also a fundraiser for Water Wells for Africa, and proceeds will help to fund and construct a well in Mozambique, where Lila lives.

"The Walk for Water focused the students on something that they don't often get to think about—the availability of potable water," commented Chaplain Jay Hutchinson. "Lila has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the issue of drought in Africa. Her ultimate goal for the Walk was to raise money to build a well where people can come to a neighborhood watering hole to collect their daily water, instead of having to walk over six miles on average to secure water for their families."

More than 100 students, faculty, and faculty families participated in the Walk for Water, which raised $1600 for the well, or about one-fifth of the total funds needed to build the well. The well will be constructed in northern Mozambique, near the town of Pemba.

"I believe the Walk for Water because it allows communities to empathize with a community that they would normally solely sympathize with," Lila said. "By simulating the experience that millions go through every day, we learn to appreciate everything that we have here at SAS. The walk helps us better understand how truly privileged we are to have access to clean water, clean clothes, and a great education."