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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Steph Tanoh ’20
Liz Torrey


Hometown: Bronx, New York

Favorite Class/Team/Club/Activity: Essence was my favorite club at St. Andrew's because it started out of a shared passion to create a safe space for black girls at St. Andrew's. Seeing how it impacted girls in different ways was the most rewarding part of the journey to create a new affinity group. I'm looking forward to seeing how Essence has evolved when we come back to campus in the future. 

What I miss the most Due to Virtual Term: I miss being able to connect with the underclassmen and have funny conversations as I put them to bed. I miss just being in the presence of the people who make me the happiest. 

Favorite SAS memory/tradition/place: My favorite place on campus is the M Dorm common room. The energy and the loving people I lived with my junior year are truly what made the dorm as fun as it was. The faculty always participated in our fun and the seniors were the best people we could have asked for. They were understanding and just great leaders to look up to. I’ve had my best conversations and learning moments just sitting on that couch. 

Community Impact Project: Taking on the role of co-president is one of the most challenging and rewarding "projects" I have undertaken. I have learned so much from those who have supported me throughout this journey, but I've also had the opportunity to learn more about myself and who I am as a leader. 

Recall in a Decade: I will always remember to live in the moment, because you never know what time might be taken away from you. 

Three Words to describe SAS: Unreal, family, thoughtful.

Advice to Underclassmen & Future Students: There is no better place to go outside of your comfort zone and to unapologetically be yourself. 

Long-Term Hopes & Aspirations: To live a meaningful life, one where I have no regrets and take the right risks towards success. I would like to travel as much as I can and meet as many people as I possibly can.