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Two-Sport Fall Athlete Eyes Multiple School Records
Chris Hayes

Tony Wang ’22 grew up playing soccer in California. Prior to his arrival at St. Andrew's, during his freshman high school year in California, Tony picked up place kicking with his then-school’s football team during the fall season, and continued playing soccer in the spring. But when Tony arrived as a new junior year at St. Andrew's in the fall of 2020, he discovered that both soccer and fall play in the fall season in Delaware. Last year, St. Andrew's fall teams did not compete and Tony played intramurally with both teams—but he remained concerned about what would happen his senior year and if he would have to choose one sport over the other. And then Tony had an idea: why not playing both sports simultaneously?  “I felt confident I could make it work, but I was nervous [as to whether or not] Coach Moffitt and Coach Carroll would allow it,” Tony shared. “I talked to both coaches and asked if it was possible to play both sports, and thankfully, they both agreed.”

It is a good thing both coaches agreed, because Tony has already made an impact for the Saints in both sports and is getting busy tying school records. In his playing debut for Saints football against Severn School on September 10, he kicked two field goals, and his first attempt, at 42 yards, was one yard short of tying the school record for longest field goal (click here to watch). When asked for his highlight of that game, Tony answered, “Actually, punting, since it was my first time punting in a game.” Not satisfied with chasing one school record in a week, in a September 14 soccer match against Wilmington Christian, Tony, who is starting striker for the Saints, netted five goals to tie another school record for most goals in a single soccer game. Asked if this was his highlight to start the season, Tony again had a different answer: “It was the match against William Penn. We were down 1-0 and came back to win 3-2.” He failed to mentioned that he scored two goals in that match.

How does Tony balance his time between two sports? “There are six practices or games each week—I try to make three of each during the week,” he answered. “Usually games do not conflict, but if they ever do, I will go to football.” What has made the split easier is the support of his teammates and coaches on both teams. “My teammates have been great and they have been fine with it," he says. "I really appreciate Coach Moffitt and Coach Carroll being behind me and pushing me to the greatest I can be in both sports even though I cannot dedicate all of my time to their sport.”

Tony has his eyes on multiple individual records in both sports, with the longest field goal record and most goals in a season record on the top of his list. He is also eager to help both his teams make a deep run in their respective state tournaments.