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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Messiah De Sisso ’20
Liz Torrey


Hometown: New York City, New York

Favorite Class/Team/Club/Activity: The basketball team was my favorite because we were always like a family. Through the good and bad we always stuck together and had funny moments. 

What I miss the most Due to Virtual Term: I miss being on dorm and being able to have that experience of checking the juniors in and talking to them before bed. 

Favorite SAS memory/tradition/place: My favorite SAS tradition is Super Bowl Sunday. 

Powerful Experience: Seeing everyone out on the Front Lawn on the first day of school.

Community Impact Project: I started Brave Space which allowed the community to express their beliefs around a controversial topic while still being in a safe environment. 

Recall in a Decade: Because of SAS, I’ve learned that it is important to understand others' culture and lifestyle rather than just ignorantly judging them for their actions. SAS taught me to always be mindful that my situation could be wildly different from someone else’s. After four years, I have learned to listen to the stories of other people and to see how these stories are different from mine so that I can better understand them. Because of SAS I’ve become more aware, and I will take this lesson with me for the rest of my life. 

Three Words to describe SAS: Kind, united, intelligent.

Advice to Underclassmen & Future Students: Enjoy your time at SAS. Allow yourself to be around new people and make new friends. Give your 110% to not only being a good student, but also to being a good person. 

Long-Term Hopes & Aspirations: My long-term hope is to be able to help everyone who got me to the place I am today.