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An Episcopal, co-educational 100% boarding school in Middletown, Delaware for grades 9 – 12

Math Team Wins State Championship!
Liz Torrey

After a four-week regular season and a three-week playoff in the state's Ninth Grade Math League, St. Andrew’s defeated the Charter School of Wilmington in the finals to win the Math League State Championship. The team, seen here, went undefeated in head-to head competition this year. 

Delaware’s math league is split into two groups of competition, one for ninth grade students, and one for students in grades 10-12. St. Andrew’s competes in both age groups; this year, the III Form team qualified for the playoffs, while the upperformer team did not. The math league’s regular season is four weeks, and St. Andrew’s competed against a different school each week. In competition, each student on the team has 40 minutes to individually solve a set of eight questions; the team with the most correct work completed in the shortest amount time is the victor. Subject matter in the ninth grade league includes geometry, probability, and algebra.

Having won all their regular season matches, the SAS III Form team qualified for the playoffs along with seven other teams. Each round of the playoffs is single elimination in head-to-head competition against one other school, and SAS won all three of its playoff matches to claim the ninth grade state championship crown on February 22.

“The ninth grade team used the problem-solving skills they’ve been developing in their math classes at St. Andrew’s to creatively attack these challenging problems,” said math team head coach Jon Tower, who is “substitute coaching” the team this year while longstanding head coach Eric Finch is on sabbatical. “Their commitment to the team and enthusiasm for the work made them a great group to take this journey with. They should all be proud of this remarkable accomplishment.”